Introducing Brave Wednesdays.....


On Wednesday, 23 November, Kirstie, Sarah and I psyched ourselves up as the guinea pigs of Stuart Newman’s brain child – Brave Wednesdays, which are part of the ongoing ‘Make Brave Happen’ work stream.

Make Brave Happen Brave Wednesdays
Introducing Brave Wednesdays..... Introducing Brave Wednesdays..... Introducing Brave Wednesdays.....

We contemplated bungee jumping, insect eating and stand up comedy (genius/truly evil) but were told “don’t panic guys, just follow me” by Stu which was slightly worrying in itself. But fear not, it was less Bear Grylls and more, well, Jamie Oliver as we turned up at the famous chef’s cookery school at Westfield for the brave task of learning to cook a Christmas dinner! The recipes were tough (unlike the turkey), our arteries wept with the amount of butter going into each dish but we perfected our parsnips, accomplished the perfect roast spud and were allowed to stuff ourselves with it all at the end of the evening.

I strongly suggest you all push yourselves and try and sign up for the next Brave Wednesday happening in January. I can’t promise you’ll get away with it as easy as we did, but it pushed us out of our comfort zone, gave us some great ideas and we had a good laugh together.

P.S. All 3 of us are available for hire on 25th December – if you fancy being brave don’t hesitate to call…

Make Brave Happen Brave Wednesdays
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