Insight and Intelligence team up for Abbotts Park


?As a result of Project Staircase, the global and UK insight and intelligence teams have been integrated in the London office and are now working in a different and better way to deliver insight, intelligence and CCS at home and abroad. Mark Greenstreet, Julian Tooke and Alison Drummond wanted to create an event where the new team could come together and build relationships, trust and effective teams to enhance further collaboration and innovation. So we sent them off to do wonders in Abbotts Park in north London this July! Here's a snap of the entire team below.

Jamie Truscott-Howell Jamie Truscott-Howell Marketing Executive Carat UK csr #getDANandDirty

As part of the #getDANandDirty initiative, the team supported Abbotts Park, which has a very active volunteering and community organisation to bring this little-loved park back to life. With gusto the team attacked the rusted railings around the Park to get it ready for a new lick of paint. Certainly a different use of your hands than typing at your computer every day! The team also treated other surfaces like benches and picnic tables.

The team enjoyed the outing and was properly knackered afterwards. They are part of a 250 strong army of volunteers that is getting involved through #getDANandDirty this summer. Mark and Alison said: "A great day out for all and for once we were blessed by summery weather (in London, that means: it stayed dry). A fantastic way to get everyone outside for a day, building new friendships across the teams and becoming more integrated."

Jamie Truscott-Howell Jamie Truscott-Howell Marketing Executive Carat UK csr #getDANandDirty
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