Guinness wins at Clear Channel OMAs


Last night saw the Guinness team win The Brand Fame award at the Clear Channel OMAs.

Award win OOH

The campaign focused on promoting the brand during ‘moments that matter’, such as big sporting events, and also identifying smaller micro-moments to promote their product, using a data-led approach. Guinness is a historically big spender in OOH, and whilst innovation is always at the heart of our planning, we really wanted to push that ethos even further this year whilst ensuring we continue to drive Guinness’ association with rugby. The Judges highlighted how impressed they were to see Guinness continually innovating within OOH and pushing the boundaries of data.

The campaign involved using mobile data to pinpoint the location of our rugby audience during prime drinking times, using pub footfall and capacity sensors to trigger bespoke content during key moments, as well as data taken from social media activity. During these ‘moments that matter’, bespoke copy was served to Digital Out-of-Home screens, such as directional messaging to the closest Guinness-stocking pub during major rugby matches, including the pub name, distance, and kick-off time to the next event.

Judges deemed that, whilst all the shortlisted brands did use data within their campaign, Guinness ensured that the campaign had a symbiotic relationship with it. More importantly, in a world that needs meaningful executions, it actually provided value in a fun way to the Guinness/Rugby consumer: letting them know which game was upcoming, and which pub to go to with the best atmosphere to enjoy a great pint of Guinness.

Well done to Anton L’Agbesi, Dina Rogozhina and Glenn Campbell who worked on the campaign.

Award win OOH
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