Goodbye So Monday..... Hello Digital Digest


Five years ago two Carat planners, Enzo and Will, started putting together a weekly summary of the latest news in social and mobile – then the two buzzwords in media. They called it SO MO – short for social and mobile. SO MO came to be known as So Monday as it was published each Monday on the Carat blog.

Digital Digest social media news mobile news

Since joining Carat in 2012, Abbey Torrance, Associate Digital Director, has taken up authorship of So Monday, with Emma Saddleton, Planning Manager, sharing the load for the past nine months.

But as of today, 1 September, So Monday is no more. After more than 200 editions, we are retiring the newsletter. But don’t be alarmed, So Monday will now be replaced with a bi-weekly briefing called Digital Digest.

Digital Digest, which will continue to be written by Abbey and Emma, will contain four to six of the top news stories happening in digital. Topics may include new features being rolled out on social media platforms, media-firsts, algorithm updates, beta tests or general tech stories in the news. The aim is to keep both Carat staff and clients up-to-date on the latest developments.

Digital Digest social media news mobile news
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