Digital Digest: 6th October 2016


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Tinder Launches Tinder Stacks To Help People Choose Photos

All the singletons out there will know how hard it is to choose the best profile pic. The prolific dating app Tinder has now rolled out an exciting new feature for iMessage called Tinder Stacks to help this!

“The idea behind Tinder Stacks is to give Tinder users a way to allow their friends to ‘vote’ on collections of photos while they chat. Though the experience is technically separate from Tinder’s dating features, you will need to have the main Tinder app installed in order to use it.”

You will need iOS 10 on your iPhone in order to use this new feature. However, when Tinder Stacks is set up it is fairly straightforward. Users can create a ‘stack’ based on photos from their camera roll and share it with friends who can vote on the images. The owner can keep tabs on the votes within iMessage. And who knows? The right photo might just help you meet your prince or princess charming!


UK Shoppers Spend Less on Fashion on Mobile Versus Desktop

Fans of fashion may have noticed a subtle decrease in the fanfare around London Fashion Week.

Recent research has shown that UK Fashion shoppers don’t spend as much when purchasing via a mobile device versus when they are purchasing via a desktop.

“Nosto analysed data from over 700 online fashion merchants in Europe and found that the average order value (AOV) of clothing from UK fashion consumers was £116 on desktop for the first half of 2016. On mobile, the figure was significantly lower, at £89, even less than the average tablet spend of £107 among UK consumers.

“There are some positive trends coming out of the research, however. The UK’s AOV of £89 for mobile fashion purchases came third overall when compared against other countries in Europe, trailing the Nordics (£101) and France (£96) yet ahead of Germany (£88) and Spain (£81). Additionally, mobile accounted for 29 per cent of all web traffic in the UK for fashion retailers in the first half of 2016, up from 22 per cent in H1 2015. Overall, UK retailers saw the biggest increase of traffic across all devices this year, reporting a 28 per cent rise, ahead of all other European countries, including Spain (up 25 per cent) and France (up 20 per cent).”

This is really interesting. Perhaps it shows how valuable mobile still is for fashion brands but that perhaps it’s used more inspiration and research rather than purchase.  


Google Buys API.AI – Developer Space For Conversational Interfaces

We know that Facebook has been talking about how they are looking at using bots for Messenger. The latest news is that Google has spent some money in this space making a new acquisition.

“Google has acquired API.AI, which specialises in tools that help developers build bots that are able to decipher the nuances in everyday language and enable them to engage in more natural conversations with humans.

“API.AI is currently used by more than 60,000 developers to help them design, build and improve their conversational interfaces, working in environments such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and Kik. Its tech enables them to understand the intent and context behind the words they use in order to avoid ambiguities and make for a more natural and intelligent conversation, which is by definition less frustrating for the human involved.”

Now that Google have invested, we hope to see an update from them shortly in this space.


Twitter Increases Allowed Tweet Length

If you Tweet you’ve probably noticed with delight that the micro-blogging platform has now relaxed the traditional 140-character limit and are no longer counting images or quoted Tweets in the limit.

We reported back in the old days (when our newsletter was called SO Monday) that this was coming, so we are delighted that we can report that it is now live.

Brands should be excited about this but we also offer a word of warning. It’s crucial to remember that Twitter is a mobile-first platform – people only want short, snappy, live, relevant content. So proceed beyond the 140 with care.


digital news views tinder twitter google
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