Digital Digest: 6th July 2017


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the last month in this edition of Digital Digest.

iphone instagram Wimbledon Virtual Reality

The iPhone Turned 10 Years Old
Last week, the good old iPhone turned ten. TEN, I HEAR YOU SAY? How could it have been ten years since Steve Jobs revealed it? ‘No product in recent history has changed people’s lives more. Without the iPhone, ride-hailing, photo-sharing, instant messaging and other essentials of modern life would be less widespread. Shorn of cumulative sales of 1.2bn devices and revenues of $1trn, Apple would not hold the crown of the world’s largest listed company. Thousands of software developers would be poorer, too: the apps they have written for the smartphone make them more than $20bn annually’.

Instagram Sponsored Post Tag By Celebrities Live
Now that Vloggers and Bloggers are the new celebrities, instead of opting for actresses or musicians, a lot of brands are looking to work with these influencers who have created a mass following across different social media platforms. They are talking about their passion points and exhibiting their personalities through these mediums. As a result, their authentic, honest and accessible profiles make them incredible at driving conversations with their audiences.

Brands want to work with them – they are able to deliver an authentic angle to advertising. However, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has now called out the need to make it more obvious to users when Influencers are being paid to accredit brands or products in their posts.

As a result, Instagram now has a new ability to allow users see when influencers are posting paid for posts.

Wimbledon Ups Its Digital Game For 2017
Tennis fans, it’s that time of year. Wimbledon is back! The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) are continuing their push to leverage the data that is collected in and around the tournament, and balance new and innovative activity with the tournament’s traditional background.

Their ongoing partnership with IBM has been looking to help Wimbledon become more relevant and transform in the digital space, as the brands work together over the last 3 years.

This year sees them:

  • Moving into the AI space with a virtual assistant named Fred (named after Fred Perry)
  • Automated highlights, and packaging up the most exciting moments based on not only match data but player movements and crowd noise
  • An AR overlay of the footage so we can see all the stats about the player in action.

Immerse Yourself In Mario Kart!
Nintendo has launched their first VR game, and of course, it had to be Mario Kart. The tech is in its first iteration, but take a look at how this could be played. Is this the future of gaming?

Not sure who your favourite character is but we’ll be the first to pick Yoshi or Luigi…

iphone instagram Wimbledon Virtual Reality
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