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Digital Digest Manchester City Google L'Oreal Trends 2017

Man City Push For Innovation, Partner With Google On Second Hackathon

Manchester City FC are continuing their existing trend of media and digital innovation by hosting their second hackathon via a partnership with Google. The event will take place from the 10th to 12th February at the Etihad Stadium and will focus on digital fan engagement and how – despite physical boundaries -  Man City fans can feel part of their club’s community.

This is the second hackathon the club have hosted. The first, in August 2016, focused on looking for new ways to utilise match data.

In an interview with The Drum, Diego Gigliani, senior vice president for media and innovation at City Football Group, said: "By engaging in open conversation with a diverse and passionate community, we’ve been able to uncover new paths to explore together. We hope to replicate this again during our second hackathon – by engaging with our community and coming up with creative ways to employ new technologies or digital means that create a sense of belonging among our global fan base.”

Should After Work E-mails Be Illegal? France Thinks So

Living in the digitally connected world as we do, it can feel overwhelming to be constantly reached no matter where you are or the time of day. This trend has resulted in a boom in ‘digital detox’ ideas and suggestions. Some detoxes encourage people to travel without a digital device or to go cold turkey on the internet, especially social media. Many people feel it challenging to find right blend of online vs offline in their personal and professional lives.

A new law in France which took effect on 1st January this year has now given negotiation power to employees to help them avoid burn out or stress by taking control over after hour e-mails.

“The new law requires businesses with 50 or more employees to negotiate after-hours email rules with their employees, potentially giving them the right to ignore that late-night missive. Employees physically leave the office, but they do not leave their work. They remain attached by a kind of electronic leash — like a dog. The texts, the messages, the emails — they colonize the life of the individual to the point where he or she eventually breaks down," Benoit Hamon, a member of France’s Parliament, told the BBC.

This is a powerful move by France designed to equip employees with the rights to ensure they maintain a healthy mental and physical state.

Serious Hairbrush Technology from L’Oréal

Is this the peak of the internet of things? We have got smart phones, smart TV’s, smart fridges… and now smart brushes! L’Oréal are releasing clever new hair brushes designed to tell you if you are brushing your hair incorrectly.

The smart brush is called the ‘Kératase Hair Coach’ and it uses an array of sensors and an app to "coach" users into brushing their hair more efficiently. The hairbrush is actually enabled by Wi-Fi allowing your phone to be connected and track any of the data the hairbrush collects.

A story on Mashable reported, “The battery-powered brush is equipped with five sensors: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a conductivity sensor, load cells and a microphone. The accelerometer and gyroscope detect motion (which direction you are brushing your hair); the conductivity sensor tracks whether your hair is wet or has product in it; and the load cells detect how forcefully you brush. Of course, none of those things will actually tell you about your hair itself, which is where the microphone comes in. The microphone enables the accompanying smartphone app to tell you how healthy your hair is. According to L'Oreal's researchers, the way hair sounds as a brush moves through it changes based on how dry the hair is.”

2017 Is Here – Here Are Key Trends to Watch For

We are always on the lookout for trends in the making, but Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat Global has pulled together the top 10 trends to look out for in 2017.

Dan’s full presentation can be accessed on Slideshare. In it, he covers two key themes. Firstly, the evolution of content and how this will change in the coming year. And, secondly, how digital and physical media and experiences continue to connect in various ways.

Many thanks to Dan for this annual must-read.

Digital Digest Manchester City Google L'Oreal Trends 2017
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