Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the last two weeks in this edition of Digital Digest.

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Twitter and Bloomberg Media Exclusive Content Partnership  

Twitter is the one stop shop for what is happening right now. It is an essential tool for journalists and so the latest news that the social media platform and Bloomberg Media -the key business news site- have launched a partnership to create a ‘24/7 service that will stream news produced solely for Twitter’ will have said, journalists, jumping for joy.

Despite Twitter’s recent hard hits in the press around the loss of their live streaming deal of NFL games to Amazon, this new partnership with Bloomberg Media saw ‘shares rising more than 6% on Monday (1 May)’. So watch this space!

Twitter may not be as big as the other social media giants (in terms of users), but there is still a need and space for this platform and these developments will only assist in securing its position in the social media sphere.

Blackberry is Making a Comeback

For those who were lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier this year, you may have set eyes upon the Blackberry Key One – the new handset from Blackberry, that the company are hoping will encourage the UK to fall back in love with the brand.  

The infamous keyboard design is back, and in our eyes, there has been no other mobile phone, that was as good at e-mail as Blackberry was. However, with Apple and Samsung – who launched the Galaxy S8 with a pretty spectacular fanfare, by inviting Royal Blood’s biggest fans to a concert in Brighton and streamed the whole thing live in 360-  completely owning the market here, how is Blackberry going to make noise in the current smartphone marketplace?

So far Blackberry is making their new handset exclusive -it is only available to buy in-store at Selfridges, Oxford Street. However, it will be going live with Carphone Warehouse in the coming weeks.

Do we think it will be successful in making a comeback? It has potential. Blackberry was the best handset for e-mail, so unless businesses completely move away from e-mail, it may seriously be a contender. Can it compete with Samsung and Apple? No. Blackberry would seriously need to drive the cool factor amongst millennials and be able to provide great experiences on apps such as Snapchat and Instagram to delve into this market. Let’s see, shall we?

TED Talk to Listen to

Elon Musk -The CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)- talking about the future we’re building – have a listen here

Ikea Wants to Get to Know Your Domestic AI, Personally

Ikea’s future living lab, SPACE10, has launched a programme to get our views on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how we feel it should act. Launching DoYouSpeakHuman, you can answer some questions to learn more about how your preferences stack up against others. While IKEA doesn't currently use AI specifically, it provides an exciting step for developing more personalised products for consumers that they would be happy to interact within the smart home of the future.

A different way of opening up the design process and this kind of knowledge may help IKEA bring the connected home one step closer to our doorstep and in a way that is natural and seamless.

Unsurprising Spoilers: Google and Facebook Remain Two of the Largest Places to Spend Your Digital Dollars

Recent work by ZenithOptimedia has shown that 20% of all ad spend is captured by Facebook or Google, emphasising the strength of the two digital powerhouses. While Google remains top -attracting 3x that of Facebook- the two sit top of the tree when it comes to ad spend.

Twitter saw an impressive 734% growth between 2012 and 2016 despite a few bumps in the road, and US communications tech giant, Verizon may see their position boost to sixth place if its planned merger with Yahoo goes ahead without a hitch.

The leading position of Facebook and Google will be of no surprise to individuals in our industry, but hopefully, it will put more pressure on companies to improve their measurement and earn their right to sit at the top. Both Twitter and Verizon are beginning to do this, but the next 12 months will see if they follow through on their promises.

Facebook Runs Fake News Ads in France Ahead of the Election

A Digital Digest dealing with offline media? Hear us out.

You may have spotted recently, that Facebook has started to put links out showing how to spot fake news, or what some may call “alternative facts”.  Now, the social network is running full pages in the major press titles in France repeating the same information.

Some may say that the print industry is dying and that this is more of a PR stunt. However, it could be a good way to broaden the messages for many of those who may have missed/ignored the posts. It’s not Facebook’s first offline campaign – their recent Live campaign ran across AV, OOH and print and will have likely played a part in helping them reach the stat of 20% of all videos now being streamed Live.

Presenting the information in an unexpected environment may help nudge the reader into actually reading the information due to the hot nature of the topic at the moment. Hopefully, we may get a similar push here before our own General Election on June 8th, but we shall wait to see.

Digital Digest Twitter Bloomberg Media Blackberry Elon Musk AI Facebook Google
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