Digital Digest: 3rd August 2017


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the last two weeks in this edition of Digital Digest.

Snapchat Augmented reality Face Amazon

Snapchat’s New Measurement Programmes
We begin with some exciting news from Snapchat Towers. They are launching a measurement programme ‘that specifically addresses marketing mix modelling -or MMM- with five data companies: Neustar, MarketShare, Nielsen, Analytic Partners and Marketing Management Analytics’.

This is brilliant news for advertisers as they can now quantify the work that they do with Snapchat and show how it is driving towards purchase intent or brand affiliation.

Augmented Reality’s A-ha Moment
Chicago-based TRixi Studios have brought A-ha’s infamous 1985 “Take On Me” Video to life with AR. It’s a great proof-of-concept as to just how cool ARKit can get, especially when you bear in mind that it is still in preview mode.

Facebook Bring Ads To Messenger
After successful tests in APAC, Facebook is now launching Messenger ads globally. Facebook has been looking to create more and more ways for brands to connect with audiences on their platform, with chatbot success for many brands, including adidas.

Users will see the ad in between conversations and can tap for more information or to start a conversation within Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg said in 2015 that their long term bet is to “enable people to have good, organic interactions with business” and for that to become a bigger multiplier for all involved. As a more intimate space for private messaging, there may be an initial uphill battle for users, but it will be made more mainstream as users become accustomed to it.

That said, the product is currently in beta so will only be seen by a certain number of users at first so watch this space!

Amazon To Launch A Home Makeover Show Featuring Influencers
There has been news this week that Amazon is going to have its very own ‘home makeover show that will be designed to help the retailer sell product’. Amazon has partnered with Kin Community (a creative digital agency) to produce the show called “Overhaul”.

The six-episode series will feature YouTube stars having their home’s made over, and will be hosted and co-produced by Christiane Lemieux, founder of DwellStudio.

While the show is designed to be entertainment, it will also be loaded with products people can buy on Amazon, including furniture sold by Lemieux's companies. It will live on a special hub on where people can easily click to purchase items from the show, as well as more affordable alternatives.’

"The goal with this show is to both inspire and entertain," said Kin Community CEO, Michael Wayne. "It's unique in that it combines the power of Kin's creator community, the award-winning quality of our production studio and commerce."

"Overhaul" is scheduled to premiere in September, with the first two episodes featuring YouTube baking star Rosanna Pansino and beauty blogger Teni Panosian. In addition to the six episodes, each of the featured digital creators will produce videos showing their home after being made over, which will be distributed on their YouTube channels and other social platforms. These videos will also drive people to Amazon to shop for featured products. ‘

Snapchat Augmented reality Face Amazon
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