Digital Digest: 2ND November 2017


Emma Saddleton, Nisan Ilciz and MT Sparks give a round-up of the latest social and mobile news in this edition of Digital Digest.

Digital Digest

Five Facts That Retailers Need to Know Heading into Cyber Week
Black Friday is fast approaching, and despite it being a shaky year for retailers, Cyber Week is gearing up to be the biggest yet.  In this article Hitwise talks about the key points to be mindful of as retailers:

  • Searches for “Black Friday” were 40% higher in October this year, compared to last
  • Research for Black Friday peaks almost three-weeks before for key high-tech products
  • Black Friday has seen a shift towards 55+ yo buyers this year
  • Top players may dominate Cyber Week, but more category specialists are participating in promotions this year
  • Traffic sources to retail sites were used at different hours over Cyber Week. Top retailers, like Amazon, capitalised on this.

Starbucks’ Christmas Cup Design Is Leaked Online
The popular coffee chain is known for their festive cups, and their 2017 design is already out there.  However, not everyone is happy with it.  Dozens of social media users have already passed judgement on the alleged Starbucks packaging after it was leaked on Reddit by an employee who spotted the cups following a big delivery. So, is Starbucks' new festive cup Christmas-y enough for you?

Snapchat And Shazam Team Up for Stranger Things AR Lens
The much-anticipated second series of Stranger Things is finally here and with it, the crazy possibilities to advertise it. Shazam and Snapchat have teamed up to bring us to the “Upside Down” via an AR experience. To begin the adventure, users have to use Shazam, within the Snapchat app, they are then exposed to different lenses, including one which was introduced during Topshop’s binge-watch party at their Oxford St. store in London.

Don’t let the Demogorgon catch you!

Digital Adspend Continues To Grow, With Video Overtaking Display For The First Time
The IAB has released their review of H1 2017 in their bi-annual digital adspend report. The review looks at all investment within the digital space and helps clients and agencies see the overarching trends of the channel.

The report can be found here if you’re interested, but we have summarised the key takeouts below:

  • The overall digital market has grown by 13.8% YoY, with £5.6bn being invested in H1 2017
  • Mobile now makes up 43% of all digital spend, up from 35% in the same period last year
  • We’re clearly attached at the hip to our smartphones, as mobile makes up 43% of all search activity and 57% of all display
  • Display activity is growing at the fastest rate (compared to search and classifieds), with the growth driven by native and video formats
  • Social revenue is up 42% YoY, growing to over £1bn in H1
  • The automotive category spends the most on display and search, while consumer goods spend the most within social.

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Snapshot of Latest Financials
End of Q3 means businesses are releasing their latest financial statements.

Rather than trawl the web, here’s a quick summary of the big hitters, and links to statements if you’re looking for a long read:

  • Amazon: Generated $43.7bn in net sales compared to $32.7bn in the same period last year. They have had a strong quarter, launching more Alexa devices, acquiring Whole Foods and the new Fire TV as well as introducing Take Your Kids/Parents/Grandparents to Work Day (all actual days)
  • Facebook: Generated $10.33bn compared to $9.84bn expected, and 47% up YOY. The platform currently sees 1.37bn Daily Active Users and 2.07bn Monthly Active users – both a 16% increase YOY. Business Insider summarised the announcement nicely here
  • Alphabet (Google’s parent company): Generated $27.7bn in revenue, up 24% from a year ago
  • Microsoft: Generated $24.5bn compared to $23.56bn expected, up 12% YOY.


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