Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the last two weeks in this, the Digital Digest.

Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton London Digital Digest YouTube Google MWC Amazon

YouTube to Kill The 30 Second Un-Skippable Ad
Hot off the press is the news from Google that by January 2018 the 30-second un-skippable ad will no longer be available.

Why have they changed this? Google found that un-skippable 30-second ads are the video format that viewers like the least. They had a high rate of abandonment as a result of users not being able to skip longer videos.

What does this mean for brands?

Basically, it means clients and their partners will have to work together to create smarter video content that will deliver brand messaging and inspire consumers within shorter edits. The longest format is now 20 second. Brands should be studying past performance to see what has delivered great results historically so they can replicate any learnings.

Google suggests on their blog that brands that captivate users within the first five seconds are driving better results, “With tone being one of the most effective tools for grabbing the viewers’ attention.”

eConsultany’s article said, “Specifically, Google’s study found that humour generates greater ad recall, brand awareness, and time spent watching. If the comedy factor is inappropriate, suspense or emotion is said to be similarly effective.”

The Google Barometer Is Back and It’s Showing How Addicted We Are To Our Phones
Google’s Consumer Barometer has been released for this year and has highlighted our dependency as a nation on our smartphones. From using it to manage and access to do lists; to buying things from other countries, the survey includes 625k interviews from around the world to build up a great resource for insights.

The Drum has summarised some key findings here. For the UK specifically:

  • Britons own an average of 3.3 connected devices
  • 97% of people under 25-years-old own a smartphone and 92% of those who do, use it whilst watching TV
  • Those aged between 35 and 44 years old are the second most likely group to post content online after the 25 year olds.
  • People aged 25 –34 and 35 – 44 are the most concerned about data protection and privacy online

The study has been running for five years. You can have a look and build your own charts and graphs here: 

Mobile World Congress Is in Full Swing
The world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry is well under way. Thousands of people flock to Barcelona every year to learn about the new innovations and developments at The Mobile World Congress, or MWC as you’ll see it called on social media.

The conference runs until today, Thursday 2nd March, and there have been some major announcements already. We have collated the top stories below:

  • The Nokia 3310 is back and yes you can play Snake!
  • Porsche release a laptop, running Windows 10, whilst Peugeot release an autonomous car that drives differently depending on your mood
  • The world’s first self-driving electric car is unveiled from Roborace
  • Samsung release their first Gear VR headset alongside their new creative lab
  • Ford announce a Vodafone partnership that will see 4G modems being installed in a number of European models moving forward.

Amazon is Officially the Largest Paid Search Advertiser in 2016
The latest research from Kantar has revealed that Amazon was the top spender on paid search last year. Search is the backbone to the majority of the advertiser’s marketing.

Netimperative report that, “The study – which ranked the top 20 UK paid search advertisers based on desktop text ad clicks on the top 50,000 keywords between January and December 2016 – revealed that generated almost 35 million clicks, over 8.5 million more than the next advertiser in the ranking.”

This shows the beast that is Amazon and just how big it is!

It is a very competitive space.  Travel companies, in particular, fight it out. Here is a list of the top spenders on search in 2016 from the Netimperative article:











Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton London Digital Digest YouTube Google MWC Amazon
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