Digital Digest: 18th May 2017


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the last two weeks in this edition of Digital Digest.

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Mcdonald’s Brings Music to Your Meal

McDonald’s have partnered with Spotify to embed an AR (augmented reality) quiz within their app across Sweden.

The quiz generates questions based on the music currently playing instore, and customers can play to beat their friends and climb leaderboards while tucking into their Big Macs.

While some of us may only visit McDonald's on a Thursday evening, the quiz will add a bit more fun to the environment and bring it to life.  Music subtly impacts our shopping behaviour -  calmer; slower music encourages us to walk and browse more thoughtfully (hence why superstores tend to play melodies when we’re ‘just looking’). With the popularity of AR rising, the quiz becomes a strong step for a brand such as McDonald’s to boost their instore environment.

Initially launching in Sweden, if successful, it may be rolled out across other countries.

How Mobile is Continuing to Change the Commerce Journey

Episerver has released their Mobile Trends research for 2017. The report consists of summaries and outtakes from over 1,000 interviews, covering topics including, how consumers expect and interact with mobile across the purchase journey, and how convenience and personalisation win out over other metrics.

You can read the full report here.

Google’s Annual Developer Conference is Coming Up

TechCrunch has shared their thoughts on what to expect from next week's Google’s I/O conference. These events tend to be the place for big announcements around apps, system changes or software features so keep your eyes open for the latest updates.

TechCrunch predicts news on the Android Watch, Google Home, as well as lots of updates to the Android software.

Dating App That Uses Your Tweets to Find you Love

The newest dating app to enter the market, LoveFlutter, has suggested that their method is the best way to find love in this modern world, where increasingly, we are relying on apps to surface our future other halves.

Users have to enter a #140-character fun fact when they log in to the app, which will then scan nearby users and match you with your nearest, likely match. You then link your Twitter feed to your profile. Why have they done this?

“Since Twitter is the world’s best platform for self-expression we think it’s a great way to express yourself in dating. Twitter remains the last, untapped social network in dating app design and we think it makes the most sense,” says co-founder Daigo Smith. “Why add even more pictures to a dating profile with Instagram? Tweets offer a revealing glimpse into your personality that pictures alone can’t match. Spontaneous, opinionated, clever and funny, tweets show the real you, not the Instagram-enhanced version of your life”.

Lynx Launch Their Search Driven Campaign #isitokayforguys

Lynx's latest campaign, #isitokayforguys is a brilliant example of a brand using real, search terms to create a campaign. Alongside their newest spokesperson, world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, Lynx has created a truly digital campaign, by generating content based upon Google search terms, such as ‘Is it okay for guys to do Yoga?’, ‘Is it okay for guys to wear skinny jeans?’, ‘is it ok for guys to be little spoon?’.

Watch the ad here for some great inspiration on how best to create content that is completely in tune with your target audiences interests!


Digital Digest Spotify mobile Google LoveFlutter Lynx
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