Digital Digest: 17th August 2017


Emma Saddleton gives a round up the best social and mobile news from the last fortnight in this edition of Digital Digest.

Emma Saddleton Emma Saddleton Planning Manager Carat UK Facebook Premier League Instagram

UK ad spend up by 1.3%, driven by digital

The Advertising Association/Warc’s latest expenditure report is now available and has seen UK ad spend grow for the 15th quarter in a row in Q1 2017, driven by digital and mobile activity.

Reaching £5.3bn, the industry has increased by 1.3% in total, with digital advertising gaining an impressive growth of 10% YoY. The digital increase was seen in offline channels with OOH seeing a 27.6% increase in digital income, print 25.4% and VOD platforms 7.2%.

Cinema benefited from a similar growth, whilst other traditional channels all saw dips in investment with AV dropping by 6.2% and print by 11.2%.

The continued investment into digital further demonstrates the shift from advertisers to reflect their audiences’ behaviour as we see more and more time being spent with screens in one way or another. Whilst concerns such as brand safety are a continued conversation, the growth in ad spend point towards a combined effort to reach consumers in the most natural and native environment as possible.

Facebook launches its own personal assistant in the UK

Facebook is looking to make Messenger more useful for us, as consumers, as they launch their personal assistant, ‘M’ in the UK. Having launched in the States in April, the feature uses AI to help plan group gatherings, make calls and make music suggestions based on your conversations on the platform.

Learning more about our behaviours, habits and patterns will be perceived by some as of use, but will need to be adopted and accepted by the UK public, who at times can have a particular sense of humour when it comes to AI. Ensuring M doesn’t contact someone when you are planning a surprise event, calls that person you’ve been trying to avoid or something worse will hopefully have been addressed during the launch in the States earlier in the year.

However, as more of us spend time with the platform, and are having more demands put on our time (unrelated to Facebook use), options and shortcuts to be able to make our lives easier tend to be welcome.

Keep an eye out for this coming later in the year.

The Premier League has only just kicked off…. and Spurs may be on track to win

Data can tell us a lot of things; it can help inform decisions or perhaps predict the future. From utilising the data available, the signs are pointing to a Tottenham victory next year. Based on varying criteria from a number of red cards in a match to each individual player’s skill to when goals were scored, Bayesian algorithms are suggesting Tottenham will win the league.

Now, before any competitor fans strike out, the top six teams were all close, and the team have considered a lot of possibilities (full details in the link below), showing the importance of a human eye across data output, but here are some other points outside of this controversial claim:

  • 27%: Southampton’s odds to end in the top four after six games
  • 60%: Huddersfield to be relegated
  • 16%: Everton to be in relegation zone after six games

(All stats from Wired & 21st Club)

Edible stories are a thing

More and more brands are moving across to Instagram Stories over Snapchat. Is that for the convenience of the platform? Perhaps not. Perhaps, it’s due to hunger.

Heinz in Brazil utilised the platform using geo-located ads in the Stories function, through working with Facebook’s creative shop, to giveaway burgers from local restaurants. In the two-hour window, all you needed to do was swipe up, and a perfectly Instagram-wrapped burger would appear – naturally complete with Heinz tomato ketchup and sauces!

Emma Saddleton Emma Saddleton Planning Manager Carat UK Facebook Premier League Instagram
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