Digital Digest: 17 May 2018


Emily Paterson, Nisan Ilciz and Emma Saddleton bring you a summary of the last fortnight's top stories in technology, media, mobile and social.

Instagram Snapchat Deadpool

Instagram introduces new ways to share:

Instagram is letting third parties tap into the social network’s 800 million-plus user base in new ways. Partner apps can share directly into InstagramStories and also use augmented-reality camera effects.

Initial partners include Spotify and GoPro. With Spotify you can share a sticker of songs, playlists or albums to an Instagram Story and with GoPro you can share recent action shots from the GoPro camera app. Read more here:

Snapchat introduces unskippable ads

Snapchat has introduced its first forced-view ads this week. Aiming to counter the reportedly low average view times of ads on its platform, these currently sit within the “Shows” section of the app, which features longer-form videos produced by the likes of ESPN, NBC and Viacom. Aiming to emulate the style of TV ads, the new format appears like a traditional TV commercial in the middle of a show.

Though still in the first week of official rollout, brands such as Deadpool 2 and Samsung have been testing the ads throughout the last month according to Engadget.

Deadpool twerks onto Snapchat to promote latest film

Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with Snapchat to create a new AR lens ahead of the launch of Deadpool 2 in cinemas later this month. The lens features Deadpool dancing and twerking to a song from the soundtrack to the new film, ‘Welcome to the Party’ by Diplo.

The lens will be released in the UK, US and across Europe according to Mobile Marketing Magazine.


Instagram Snapchat Deadpool
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