Digital Digest: 1 December 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the latest media and tech news in the Digital Digest.

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Netflix Now Offers Downloaded Viewing

Yesterday some very exciting news was released on the Netflix blog. It’s something which we were all hoping for.

The Director of Production Innovation, Eddy Wu, announced that, “a member can now download videos for offline viewing. Offline viewing is for now only available on mobile and tablet devices, and customers will see a download button on the details page for available film and TV series.”

It is yet to be confirmed whether or not all Netflix content will become downloadable. However, Netflix original content such as Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown are all available. YIPPEE!

This is a big play from Netflix in order to compete with Amazon Prime and iTunes, etc. Watch this space.

Instagram Trends To Watch For In 2017

2016 has been a big year for Instagram. Not only did advertising options on the platform become ever more developed but it released its competitor to Snapchat, Instagram Stories.

Brandwatch has collated the top Instagram trends to keep your eye out for next year:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Direct
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Instagram Business Tools
  • Expanded Video Options

As social media platforms seem to take… inspiration… from each other, Instagram have now launched live video. The live broadcasts, unlike Facebook or Twitch, can’t be saved for later but instead are meant to be utilised as exclusive opportunities for additional content or brand launches.

Live video in the past has been used effectively. One example of this was Fox streaming their first episode of Outcast on Facebook.

Watch this space for more exciting developments with Instagram.

Netflix Target Ad Blockers with The Next Web

Black Mirror recently partnered with The Next Web to target users with adblockers. When consumers visited the Next Web, they were served an ad speaking directly to them saying, “Hello ad blocker user. You cannot see the ad. But the ad can see you.” Which was completely on brand for the rather twisted series.

This was an interesting take on targeting and executed well within the Next Web ecosystem. However, rolling this out further may prompt negativity towards the brand for being intrusive. For now, and for Black Mirror specifically, it works well and fit with the dark satire of the show. Well done Netflix, you did it again.  

Snapchat Links with Foursquare For More Accurate Targeting

A deal has been reached between Snap, Snapchat’s owner, and Foursquare to utilise the latter’s library of data to improve targeting. Whilst users can already swipe on a photo and overlay a generic geo-filter, the new deal will allow for more refined targeting meaning that brands can pinpoint shoppers specific locations in shopping centres or in individual shops. This will help them improve their messaging.

As people spend increasing time on mobile, advertisers look for more creative ways to engage them. Categories such as FMCG or homewares may be the first to benefit from the partnership when trying to drive activity in store.

Digital Digest netflix Instagram snapchat
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