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4th August marked quite a milestone. In the case of OfCom, it was the 13th iteration of the Communications Market Report (CMR) for 2016 covering a wide range of topics – anything from TV to radio, internet (and mobile) to post. After taking a glance through it, I continued to be amazed at the pace at which the advertising industry evolves…

ofcom communications market report insight analysis

When people talk about dual-screening, it is most often discussed in the context of using another device alongside the television. This is not always the case. The CMR report informs us that we (adults 16+) are consuming 10 hours and 52 minutes’ worth of media each day in the space of 8 hours and 45 minutes. When we then look at our tech-setter youth, those aged 16-24, they accommodate over 13 hours of media consumption into 8 hours and 56 minutes – visibly equating to what could be 4 hours and 15 minutes of ‘media multi-tasking*’. I have a new found appreciation for ‘media multi-tasking*’ as it removes the connotations towards being focused towards TV – and opens up the opportunity to the multi-channel world in which we live.

As society becomes more digitised, our behaviour will almost certainly begin to change – the question is will it be for the better or worse? The report goes as far as to say over half of us would feel ‘out of touch’ I we (internet users aged 16+) were unable to access the internet. This goes as high as almost 7 in 10 16-24 year olds (67%) feeling as though they are missing out. As a country (and across the world) we are becoming more reliant upon the ease at which we can access information – and at times we need to ‘switch off’ from the world. Hence the rise of a ‘digital detox**’.

As I said earlier, I am (just about) still in the 16-24 age bracket and it is this age group who are most likely to have done this in the last year with 52% claiming they have done so within the last year. Since we are the age group that has grown up alongside the internet, our reliance is almost certainly more ingrained than with older demographics and the long-term impact on teens is yet to be seen. 

There are a whole host of insights available within the Communications Market Report, and I am certain that most clients will find nuggets of interest. As I said, digital continues to become more integral into the lives of people due to the ease through which we can access information – and as a result fear of missing out. Brands have the ability to provide this access with ease, after all, context is key for us all. And for those who have not yet braved the 260 page Communications Market Report, I would heartily recommend it!

*media multi-tasking = using more than one media channel at once

**digital detox = when someone makes a conscious decision not to go online


ofcom communications market report insight analysis
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