Carat's Team Philips Puts Lunch on the Table


On Friday 31 July Team Philips in Carat worked hard to put food on the table...for 90 local residents of the Graveney ward in Tooting. As part of the #getDANandDirty initiative this summer, the team from the Glyn Shadwell village volunteered a day of their time to use left over food from local shops to produce a free, delicious 3 course meal for local residents. The people in Graveney ward are some of the poorest in London, with high unemployment and social deprivation.

csr #getDANandDirty

The team comprised of Reema Khehar, Rebecca Ng, Natalia Baran?, Maeva Le Roch, Jess Proudfoot, Shailyn Shah, and Anne-Claire Guerin. They are part of a wider volunteer army this summer as part of #getDANandDirty. Nearly 125 Carat people will work across the capital on a range of volunteer projects. It was a great way for the team to bond further as they work on the Philips account and sharpen their skills. Reema Khehar, Associate Client Director at Carat, said: "It was a fantastic experience for the team, one that brought us closer together and made us proud of our team!"



csr #getDANandDirty
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