Carat's executive client officer, Matthew Landeman shares his views on the latest IPA Bellwether Report


Marketing budget growth increased to a three-quarter high in Q2 2015, marking 11 quarters of successive expansion, according to the latest IPA Bellwether. However, despite this, the report notes that there was a noticeable drop in marketers' confidence surrounding financial prospects both at the company and industry level.

IPA Bellwether

Matthew Landeman, executive client officer says "The latest Bellwether report shows that Eurozone instability and any knock on effect on economic confidence has not washed through to sentiment around marketing investment as spend levels look set to increase.

With economic uncertainty becoming the new norm, clients are still looking to marketing's ability to drive and support their business when the wider picture is that growth is tough to find and has to be fought for very aggressively.

Increased investment into digital reflects a continued trend to invest in channels that deliver direct accountability and outcomes in a convergent media landscape."


Matthew's comment first appeared on Mediatel Newsline on 17/07/15


IPA Bellwether
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