Carat's 10 Trends for 2016


We have been producing trend reports for over five years, looking at new technologies that will become more important and relevant to clients. We’ve covered issues such as wearable technology; location; and local payments beacons. Like these, the trends for 2016 are all growing in importance, and will all have implications for clients.

2016 trends tech trends Dan Calladine

You really should take a look through the whole slide show... but if you're short of time, here are the two Big Themes:

1. The rise of closed, competing ecosystems:

  • Walled gardens
  • New challenges in advertising
  • The evolution of search
  • Messaging and notifications
  • Algorithms vs curation
  • Maps & location

2. The development of artificial intelligence, and actionable measurement

  • Recognition
  • Sentiment
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Telepathy

Want to know more? Dive into the slideshow:

Carat's 10 Trends for 2016 from Carat Global
2016 trends tech trends Dan Calladine
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