Carat uses the Piccadilly Lights to celebrate media and call for industry collaboration to help fix the talent gap


This morning to support hosting our Discover Media event at Advertising Week Europe, we ran an ad on the iconic Piccadilly Lights.

Discover Media Advertising Week Europe 2015

Looming large above the bustle of Piccadilly Circus and just metres from BAFTA, the epicentre of the industry for the duration of the event, the spot was a celebration of the power of the media and creative industries and a rallying call to highlight the need to tackle the widening skills gap. 

By showcasing the positive effects of media we wanted to demonstrate why the industry is a vital cog in the national economy, a force for good and a vibrant area for young people to work in.

In running the ad we also wanted to deliver a call to action for the industry in the hope of inspiring attendees of Advertising Week Europe to collaborate around the issue of talent acquisition by either joining us in its Discover Media programme to get young people involved in a career in media, or to add support to a wider cross-industry we are launching next month.

Anyone wanting more information, or to get involved should register their interest on the #discovermedia hashtag or on the Discover Media FB page – www.facebook/CaratDiscoverMedia. 

Matthew Hook, managing director of Carat, said: “Advertising Week Europe was a massive celebration of how vital and vibrant the industry is. We wanted to add our voice to this. 

“But we also wanted to take this momentum and positivity and use it to try and drive a cross industry collaborative push to deliver this to the next generation of superstars who will ensure this industry remains great. And where better to do this than on the biggest and brightest ad space in London? Which just so happens to be just around the corner from BAFTA.”

See the whole ad here 

Discover Media Advertising Week Europe 2015
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