In the run up to Christmas, Carat UK are celebrating our new internal mantra, ‘Make Brave Happen’, by giving one member of senior management a task they have just eight hours to complete before presenting their work back to the entire agency. Twelve senior staff members are taking part over the course of the next three weeks.

Make Brave Happen culture Carat UK

“Make Brave Happen’ is our internal cultural battle cry,” said Matt Landeman, Managing Director of Carat UK who championed it’s development. “It’s about encouraging the behaviours which exist when we are working at our best: being more connected, being more curious and being more courageous.

“Based on feedback from staff focus-groups, the phrase was born from our collective desire to celebrate courage, reward acts of innovation and create a culture whereby going beyond the tried-and-tested ideas and methods for clients is the norm,” said Landeman. “The 12 Days of Brave is just one of around a dozen different initiatives we have undertaken, or are currently developing in order to support our culture.”

On a ‘brave day’ a golden envelope is handed to the selected member of the leadership team. Eight hours later they present back to the full agency with a minimum viable product, prototype or new initiative.

“Make Brave Happen is all about action – and gathering brilliant people around you to help you push ahead with something, all whilst learning something new and enjoying yourself,” added Matthew Knight, who developed the 12 Days of Brave concept. “Bravery doesn’t always have to be something massive – small actions can have big impacts, if they’re the right ones.” 

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Make Brave Happen culture Carat UK
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