Carat UK awarded IPA CPD Platinum accreditation


After attaining the IPA CPD Gold Accreditation for the fourth consecutive year, Carat UK has been named as one of 21 IPA CPD Platinum Agencies.

IPA CPD Platinum Learning & Development

2018 marks a decade of the IPA’s CPD Gold Accreditation scheme, introduced to acknowledge agencies who prove a genuine culture of learning, bettering the professionalism, development and reputation of the industry, enhancing clients’ brands and agencies’ worth as a result.

Each of the awarded agencies has made an exceptional investment in the professional development of their employees and have seen success against business goals in return, with last year’s CPD Gold agencies reporting a 28:1 return on training investment.

Helen Tupper, Commercial Marketing Director at Microsoft and Chair of Judges for CPD Gold: “It has been an honour to be the Chair of Judges for CPD Gold this year and really inspiring to see the diverse ways in which agencies are investing in their people. When agencies and clients work together as partners, not only on the production of great work but on the development of great teams we can face any challenge and produce outstanding results.”

When reviewing Carat UK’s programme, the IPA said: “Carat makes an impressive submission. They are a highly professional organisation who treat CPD as a critical element of their ongoing success (in a challenging, dynamic environment).”

The IPA introduced the prestigious Platinum Award to celebrate those agencies that display a “consistent level of achievement”; congratulations Carat UK for maintaining such a high standard for the last four years!

To see all winners and read more about the CPD Gold Accreditation, click here.

IPA CPD Platinum Learning & Development
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