Carat Trends 2020: The year of all-conquering ecosystems


Try to name an industry that is not threatened by tech disruption. Our highly anticipated Carat Trends 2020 - The Year of All-Conquering Ecosystems report is centred on our belief that the marketplace is increasingly converging around the global tech-giant ecosystems.

Trends Ecosystem

Many of the trends that we comment upon are the ripple effects of the diversification of these platforms away from their original specialism.

The more lines of business the big platforms develop the more complex they become – and the further the ripple effects travel into the economy and society.

Our driving trend for 2020 is entitled ‘Colliding Ecosystems’. It reflects the points made above about the expansion of and ultimately heightened competition between the big tech-platforms.

The report has been grouped into three groups of trends that reflect the direction of travel of the biggest groups of ‘ripples’. In each case considering why this is happening right now and who might be the winners and losers; and what might be the impact, or implications for brands.

Ecosystem Economics

  • Colliding Ecosystems - Will more and more advertising dollars be spent on less and less platforms?
  • From Platforms to Producers - Will brand loyalty be enough for merchants to fight the platforms’ wealth
    of data and control over algorithms?
  • What’s Yours is Mine - Will rental, resale and other forms of the sharing economy save retail from itself?
  • Invisible Money - Can central banks keep up with ecosystems’ digital currencies?

The Gamification of Everything

  • Life is just a (Video) Game - While ecosystems expand to gaming, video games’ cultural influence is expanding across sports, music, media and culture. New decade, new mass medium?
  • Play it Your Way - Gaming is also influencing entertainment. Interactive storytelling is changing the audience from a bystander to a participant. But is it really what the audience wants?

Hide and Seek with Audiences

  • Cookie Cutters - Can first-party data replace a 25-year old piece of technology?
  • Dark(er) Social - What is brands’ role in closed groups and private messaging?
  • Post-Production Advertising - Will we see iPhone ads in Hitchcock movies?
  • The Age of Addressable TV - How will, and in what context, will brands choose between the scale and reach of TV and the accuracy of online ads?

You can download the full report here. We hope you find it interesting.

Trends Ecosystem
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