Carat’s Matthew Knight appears on BBC radio and TV discussing Spotify’s moves into video and podcasts


Spotify has announced it is launching new features including podcasts and video, and smart playlists including music that adapts to the listener’s running pace.

Spotify smart playlists matthew knight
Matthew Knight, Carat’s head of innovation, appeared on TV and radio yesterday to give his views to BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio World Business Report, and BBC TV World News.
He told the Simon Mayo show: “They’ve built up a huge following, an audience of consumers of music, they’ve served over 25 billion hours and this is a natural progression into other forms of content; they’re looking at podcasting and radio but also video because it’s where behaviours are going - consumers are wanting to listen and consume more content on their mobile devices. It’s a natural progression for them as a business.”
However he said it was debatable whether Spotify would be able to, or indeed were attempting to, compete with YouTube. 
“A huge number of people are actually listening to music on YouTube whether that’s just in the background, whether they’re watching the video or not. So whether Spotify is playing directly as a competition with YouTube or not I’m not sure. I think it’s probably more of a competition with Apple,” he said. 
“What’s interesting about Spotify is discovery - this huge amount of content and new artists that maybe aren’t supported by labels or marketing exercises that actually people can start finding new music, new artists, this interesting use of data and intelligence and smart playlists, you might discover new bands and new talents that you never knew you were interested in.”
He said the concept of smart playlists was particularly interesting given the use of original content. 
“They’re creating custom content for that as well, it isn’t just finding, sourcing and curating content, they worked with Tiesto to create some high energy, high tempo music, and Daniel Ek also mentioned that they might be getting into original content in the video space as well, so it’s an interesting time,” he said.
To listen to the full interview click here - Matthew Knight’s slot can be found at 01:37:19.
Spotify smart playlists matthew knight
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