Carat features in the Drum's 50 women under 30


The Drum set out to identify 50 of the women making a mark in digital before the age of 30 and the results are in. Each day this week they reveal another list of 10 honourees (in alphabetical order by surname). And today’s list includes Estafania Landaluce, Global Associate Planning Director at Carat UK.

The Drum Top 50 Women

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Technology is evolving so fast that it will have a great impact on the marketing industry as we know it. I can see a future where artificial intelligence is integrated within marketing teams, helping them to collaborate more effectively and build a stronger collective knowledge.

Who or what motivates you?
I feel so energised and motivated when I work with people that show passion for their work. Passion can be contagious and makes the time we spend working together more meaningful for you and the people you have around.

This article first appeared on the Drum on 15/02/17

The Drum Top 50 Women
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