Carat @ EffWeek 2019


Alison Drummond, Managing Director - Audience Intelligence, Dentsu Data Labs kicks off our Carat @ Eff Week series.

IPA Effectiveness IPA Effectiveness

Tomorrow marks the start of IPA Effectiveness Week (15th-18th October) so watch this space as we bring you the latest Dentsu and industry thinking, studies and effectiveness work.

Now in its fifth year, EffWeek is a week of events designed to reimagine effectiveness and creativity for the future, across our industry. It stimulates meaningful conversation about measurement and evaluation and provides the marketing industry with resources and tools to change its culture.

Each day we will feature original content and perspectives from within the Dentsu stable, as well as bring you the latest thinking from the wider industry. 

Join us throughout the week as we shine a spotlight on the data, technology, people and ideas that help realise the true potential of accountable and effective marketing.

Content to look out for this week:

  • Highlights of the 2019 EffWorks Conference (Tuesday 15th Oct) brought to you from the Science Museum
  • Investing in Uncertainty, the benefits of spending on advertising during an economic downturn – the latest thinking from D2D
  • What’s made the advertising brain turn sour? – Orlando Wood’s (System 1) new IPA publication about the way in which the same instincts that lie behind short-termism and narrow focus are resulting in work that is flat, abstract and dislocated.  The report focuses on what has been referred to as the “creative reformation”
  • The Measurement Panel – a new paper aimed at measurement and evaluation experts highlighting three challenges: Proving cause and effect, measuring the long term today and unified methods – a “theory of everything”
  • Targeting for effect – a critique of the different ways in which targeting strategies can be approached, strengths and limitations from Dentsu Data Labs.
IPA Effectiveness IPA Effectiveness
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