Carat Deliver a Cadbury Surprise in Loch Ness


Last week a team from Carat were in the Scottish Highlands delivering a creative idea for Cadbury at Loch Ness. Despite the unexpected snow fall the ‘Nessie’ stunt came off beautifully thanks to teamwork with our sister Dentsu Aegis company, psLive.

Cadbury Loch Ness Creative Stunt Experiential

Visitors to the famous Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands were astounded last week by the appearance of another large shape in the water. The silhouette, with three distinct humps, is reminiscent of photographs purported to show The Loch Ness Monster and has been seen slowly rising out of the water.

Local Loch Ness expert, Nessie hunter and marine biologist Adrian Shine commented at the Loch today. Adrian is also the proud leader of the Loch Ness & Morar Project and Loch Ness Exhibition Centre. He has been engaged in fieldwork in the Highlands since 1973 and has seen just about everything on these waters. Apart from this!

Shine said, “It was an amazing sight today and it's been a special experience to see something so magical come out of the Loch. Hopefully this will stimulate more interest in this majestic area and conservation of it for wildlife and any beasties that might be down there.”

However, it was confirmed today that the shapes aren’t Nessie, but rather three enormous Cadbury Easter Eggs, each roughly the height of a double-decker bus, rising from the water on a floating barge: a spectacular feat of engineering. The creative concept was created by media agency, Carat, and delivered in conjunction with their Dentsu Aegis sister company, psLive.

“We can only speculate that the Easter Bunny has left these three massive Easter eggs for her friend, Nessie, AKA The Loch Ness Monster,” said Claudia Miceli, Senior Brand Manager for Cadbury Easter. “We were very happy to be called out to investigate and have been inspired whilst here to donate both to the Loch Ness Project and to the local RNLI lifeguard service. Our Joy Team have left baskets of Cadbury goodies at hotels and B&Bs in the area for all the Nessie fans to enjoy.”

The stunt forms part of a wider Cadbury Easter campaign that aims to make Cadbury synonymous with this seasonal time of year, whilst also building on its heritage in Easter egg hunts and its partnership of 15 years with The National Trust. As part of the campaign the brand has also launched a range of egg-cellent new products helping further cement Cadbury’s role in Easter.

“For many years Cadbury has always been part of Easter in family homes and this year is no different,” said Miceli. “In our new advert the Easter bunny is a fluffy deliverer of joy who excites families around the country in the lead up to the Easter egg hunt weekend by playfully hiding eggs everywhere. By teasing the mystery of Loch Ness we're celebrating the playful magic of Easter time and Nessie herself.

“Be on your look out though,” she added. “We have hidden more eggs in other parts of the country!” Sightings have been reported further afield than Loch Ness;The Easter Bunny has been very busy.

Read more about the campaign here (The Drum) or here (Campaign) or here (The Sun).

Cadbury Loch Ness Creative Stunt Experiential
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