Can this webcam really measure your emotional response to video ads?


Welcome to the future... John Donnachie of The Story Lab takes a look at Realeyes' new product - a webcam that reads emotional reactions to online video...

online video video advertising Amazon drones realeyes tech trends

2016 has already been playfully dubbed 'Year of the Drones'. Amazon is set to release more products as part of its Prime offering including a cone shaped speaker that you can holler products at and have delivered to your door same day. We’re getting closer to a Jetsons style reality by the day.

In adland, a new and exciting innovation includes Realeyes’ technology. Their measurement technology uses webcams to read emotional reactions to online video.

The core analytics the tech offers producers and planners is across three key stages of video advertising – testing the creative, planning media spend and analysing the performance.

The results can help determine how best to place and serve particular content in order to target consumers more effectively by gaining information upfront in order to optimise and measure content before launch. This will help improve the impact of messages and drive more efficient distribution.

On a personal level, one seemingly obvious potential problem with the accuracy of this technology is that the majority of people browsing content online are likely to appear more like: 


as opposed to showing obvious readable emotion. 

Another potential flaw is that those testing content who are made aware of the technology in use may overcompensate reactions therefore delivering biased results, especially if their promo video is anything to go by… 


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online video video advertising Amazon drones realeyes tech trends
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