Bauer Media has just launched Flirtify – a dating site with lashings of editorial content – but so far it’s not forged any advertising partnerships. Carat’s Anna Pintus asks how long Flirtify can hold out on brands before asking them in for coffee.

Anna Pintus Publishing Assistant London Bauer Media Flirtify Dating
In a saturated market, Bauer Media have launched Flirtify - a dating site which promises to give users more. 
With its interactive content and ‘who’s near me function’ Flirtify brings together popular features from its competitors and offers its users one simple package. 
The question is, can yet another dating site take off in a market so heavily dominated by sites like and mobile apps such as Tinder?
Focusing predominantly on a mobile market, the site encompasses all that modern, tech-savvy singles need to get ahead in the dating game. Adele Simpson, head of CRM strategies and digital marketing at Bauer says that it is a “socially encouraged” way of meeting people, it is fun and “on the go.” Sounds like any other dating site, yes?
Well, there are some differences. Alongside the usual swipe function, with the addition of ‘maybe’ just to shake it up a bit, the Flirtify team also produce extensive editorial content, mainly via Twitter and Pinterest. This ranges from the tips and tricks of dating, to the best places to go eat, drink and be merry in various UK cities.
Where’s the marketing love?
The concentration on editorial content leads us to expect a commercial offering, a chance for brands to integrate within relevant content. Using their other recent innovations such as website The Debrief and newsletter The Equaliser as examples, it would seem that Bauer do not usually shy away from being ‘overtly commercial’, offering various packages and incentives for brands appearing on these sites. 
The site’s varied blog content would lend itself perfectly to brand participation with interactive advertisements and tapping into its Twitter coverage would be an effective way of interacting with its users.
However, unlike its sister innovations, Flirtify, for now, will not be rolled out to advertisers. With the site’s focus on interaction – interaction with its users so they can interact easily with each other - it seems odd that they would not want users to interact with relevant brands (such as those mentioned in their blog content). Currently they are relying upon promotional and editorial support from the Bauer Media Radio passion portfolio brands. 
Free to browse, but with a monthly fee of L9.99 for the ‘chat’ function, it will be interesting to see if such a site can out-do its free competitors. It makes you wonder, what is the incentive? Is it simply that users will not be bombarded by advertisements? If so will they be willing to pay a monthly fee for the privilege or would they sacrifice this for a free service? This remains to be seen. 
For now it’s a no, but with free apps such as Tinder and SnapChat beginning to tap into the opportunities advertising brings with it, I’d guess it won’t be long before Flirtify follows suit.
Anna Pintus Publishing Assistant London Bauer Media Flirtify Dating
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