Balance supporting International Women's Day: Kathryn Jacob co-author of 'The Glass Wall'


This week our new forum, Balance, will put on a series of events to celebrate International Women’s Day. We were lucky enough to have Kathryn Jacob, CEO of Pearl & Dean, come and speak to the agency about the new book she has co-authored with Sue Unerman called ‘The Glass Wall’. The book is a practical guide designed to share, “success strategies for women at work – and businesses that mean business.” The book isn’t just for women; it is designed to give practical advice for men and for line managers of both genders. Kathryn was interviewed by Ali Jones, Chief Client Officer at Carat UK before a Q&A with the audience.

Balance International Women's Day

Kathryn was a serious breath of fresh air. Her energy was palpable and everyone who came away from the session felt inspired to make changes. She talked about the fact that there is no longer a glass ceiling but rather a glass wall which men and women are stuck on either side of. Her honesty and straightforward delivery when talking about issues is what really struck a chord and truly made an impression on the Carat community.

The book uses case studies and the results of multiple interviews to lay out various scenarios and advice for addressing them.

The main takeout for me was her advice to not be scared to show your emotions. She said you can also use them to power you: you can take anger, for example, and use it as your source to really deliver what you mean, it can be quite impressive.  This really stayed with me as women often don’t want to appear ‘weak’ at work by being emotional. However, funneling those emotions can really help. This idea of turning a ‘weakness’ into a strength caused a complete rethink for me.

So thank you to Kathryn Jacob and Ali Jones for making Monday morning interesting and inspirational.

Balance International Women's Day
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