12 Days of Brave: Week One


This spring, we launched 'Make Brave Happen' – our new internal mantra focussed on our culture. We want to be more connected, more curious and even more courageous. We've now had 10 months of being disruptive, different and diverse through 10 different initiatives. But as we come to athe end of 2016, we have asked the leadership team to step up and take on their very own personal challenge. One per day - which we've called The 12 Days of Brave.

Matthew Knight Matthew Knight head of strategic innovation London Make Brave Happen 12 Days of Brave

Each morning a member of the agency leadership opens a golden envelope containing their particular task. She or he will have just eight hours to work before reporting back to the company. The aim is remind even the most senior people in our agency of the power of rapid prototyping, creating minimum viable products, collision and collaboration. We want to push them outside of their day job and encourage them to experience something they'd perhaps not normally experience. And of course, having to feed back so quickly to the entire agency shows that everyone, from the newest joiner to the CEO, has a remit to ‘Make Brave Happen.’

On Monday our Chief Strategic Officer, Dan Hagen, was asked to paper prototype a new planning tool. The day saw him running around gathering stakeholder interviews, working with our friends at fortysix, navigating our wealth of data sources, and sketching out a new insight tool, which is now in development.

Tuesday saw Group Client Partner Andrew Lloyd tasked with developing a way to capture and explore our team's passions and interests. He managed to convert one of our cupboards in to a fully-functioning vox-pop booth. He also developed a plan for out how AI and speech processing could be used to capture and amalgamate the resulting data without human intervention.

On Wednesday was time for Stuart Newman, Chief Marketing Officer, to spend his day with our creative support team to develop a set of storytelling principles which could be applied to even the most dryest of client presentations (and boy did the team find him a corker to improve).

Thursday challenged Mark Hughes, Group Client Partner, to completely rethink how our internal client engagement approach is designed. He has already persuaded one of the team leaders to implement this new way of thinking on a significant UK client.

This week will see four more challenges unfold. Check back on the 12th of December to hear more. We’ll post a final round-up on the 19th of December.

It’s important to note that the response to the brief doesn't stop once the idea is presented. Each of the leadership team have also been tasked with working out how to implement their idea and scale it in 2017. After all, pitching an idea is easy. Getting a business to build and embrace it - that's what takes bravery.

Matthew Knight Matthew Knight head of strategic innovation London Make Brave Happen 12 Days of Brave
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