Make Brave Happen


Our focus from a culture perspective at Carat is to truly ingrain the behaviours that we feel keep our people curious, connected and courageous in their work, life and community. Having curious, connected and courageous people is closely aligned to our strategic development plan as it allows innovation and diversity of thinking to thrive and creates an environment where greater client leadership happens, and powerful work is created. 

To make this a reality we continued our investment in the Make Brave Happen programme. 

Make Brave Happen is a meticulously planned and embedded series of events, activities and engagements which connect our people. Here are some of the small, medium and large initiatives which were run with the ambition to enable our teams to think differently, innovate better, and find the courage to challenge our clients and colleagues to deliver great client leadership and great work. 

C THE WORLD - a programme connecting our people with other offices across the world, we want to create stronger connections to our colleagues in other Carat offices around the world. Over 75% of our clients are global or regional businesses, and this will only grow, so having better working relationships with other market teams is critical and valuable. 


DAN DEBATES - we invite senior and not so senior folk from across our business to debate the hot topics, recent debates included, ‘Is Media the new Creative?’, ‘Is pitching the best route to growth?’, ‘Is Data Killing Our Intuition?’, ‘Work / Life balance, but are they separate things?’, and ‘Do brands have a moral responsibility to be a force for good?’ 

BRAVE HAPPENED - a platform for line managers to shout from the rooftops when someone in their team has been brave – whatever that brave is. They may have pitched an outlier idea, took something to a client which wasn’t asked for, suggested an approach which was different to the norm. We celebrate these brave individuals at our quarterly Brave Happened all agency sessions. The winners -of which we had over 40 across 2017- celebrate by going on a brave excursion. These have included: dining in the dark, the Crystal Maze, walking the O2.

BRAVE EVENINGS - these are for the folk, who put their hands up to take part in something without knowing what they’re signing up for. In 2017 these daring participants took part in experimental cooking classes, impromptu speaking classes, life drawing, intimate gigs and various exhibitions. The brave starts when you put your hand up. 

ELEVENSES - a regular slot for external speakers (thinkers, makers and innovators) who have taken brave steps, especially in creative fields, to share their stories with us and answer audience questions. As far as possible, we try to get speakers from outside of the advertising/ media industry, these have included Jotta Studios, Frontier Technology Livestreaming, Doteveryone, WWF and Discovery. 

MENTORING PROGRAMME - we have continued to develop our mentoring programme, creating opportunities for a developmental partnership to form where knowledge, skills, experiences and information are shared. In 2017, 272 people took part in the Carat mentoring programme both as mentors and mentees across four phases.

PERSONAL BRAVERY PLANNING - a living document which outlines a person’s motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and route towards their personal and professional objectives. It can be shared with others, with line managers, or kept private. It can inform career conversations, ways of working, objectives, coaching, training and performance.

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