Kellogg's Krave: #TweetWhenYouEat


Teenagers are notoriously difficult to communicate with – but we needed to re-engage with them in order to improve penetration of Krave.

We set out to track down and find teens where they lurk – on YouTube.

We would create challenges for famous teen vloggers, tapping into millions of subscribers who love and respect these modern superstars.

This enabled us to redefine how brands can talk to teens in their own language.

The campaign was startlingly successful, and became the biggest ever YouTube campaign from an FMCG advertiser, with 6 million video views, remarkable engagement and sales uplift of 32% year-on-year during the campaign.

v 6M video views This was the equivalent of L600k seeding budget to achieve the same figure.


After years of growth, penetration of Krave was plateauing and brand engagement scores were weak compared to its competitors. Krave needed to re-engage with its tricky teen audience. We knew that by driving relevance and connection with teens we could convert Krave's awareness into penetration.

While teens are light TV viewers, they are highly active in the social space, making them one of the hardest demographics to reach. They are savvy to the usual advertising approaches and very sceptical of brands trying to encroach into ‘their space’ in social and digital.

Therefore we ruled out previous partners like E4 and other youth TV offerings, in order to reach our teens on their own turf where their heroes are – YouTube.


Our creative idea was The Krave Challenge. This was a media first that saw us creating a set of challenges (with Krave at their heart) for 14 famous teen Vloggers with subscribers in the millions. They then filmed themselves performing the tasks and shared them.

Our Vloggers were then recruited to encourage their followers to participate in their own challenges under the ‘#KraveUnleashed’ hashtag.


We brokered a deal with Channel Flip securing 14 Vloggers with channel subscriptions in the millions.

Each Krave Challenge was tailored to the individual Vlogger – for example, Vlogger Nerimon loves Dr Who, and dressed as The Doctor to eat Krave with a rotating spoon. This resulted in funny, engaging and highly shareable video content that fed straight to the heart of their teen fan base and was amplified further via media.

By giving Krave something ‘cool’ to talk about that resonated with teens we redefined how an FMCG brand could talk to a tricky audience in their own language. 

v 6M video views This was the equivalent of L600k seeding budget to achieve the same figure.
l 387,000 'thumbs up' #TWUE became the biggest ever YouTube campaign from an FMCG advertiser. There were 45,000 YouTube comments, 35,000 more than target, and 387,000 ‘thumbs up’.
E 32% Sales uplift Y-o-Y during the campaign period The campaign drove business value along with unprecedented positive sentiment, participation and sharing.
) 7,900,000 reach on Twitter There was also a Facebook reach was 4,900,000. Content drove incredible levels of sharing from teens, including fan art and video parodies, and 47,000 mentions of the campaign hashtag.

In the eyes of teens, the YouTubers we worked with are celebrities. [Carat and Isobar’s solution - integrating Krave into their content] - allowed us a credible way to reach a teen audience and create incredible passion behind the Krave challenges – taking the brand right to the heart of teen behaviour on the web.

Laura Bryant European Marketing Manager, Kellogg’s Krave
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