Kellogg's Krave: Krave Week


Carat worked with Kellogg's to turn Krave into the breakfast cereal every teenager wants to get out of bed for.  The campaign was measured against engagement, awareness and sales.

There is a prolific second screen culture amongst teens of talking about their favourite TV shows live through social media, which is underexploited by brands: 

If we put the second screen conversation about TV programmes at the heart of our plan, we would be able to create the scale of a TV campaign without a big TV budget. E4 has successfully engaged a new generation of TV viewers by putting social platforms at the heart of their experience, so they were the perfect partners for a unique collaboration.

w 80% reach of teens Made up of 24% broadcast reach and a massive incremental 56% reach via social


Kelloggs’s Krave needed to resonate with a teen target audience. But teenagers tend to leave kid targeted cereal brands as they get older and there’s never really been a cereal for teens. Carat was tasked with building a stronger relationship with teens that made Krave feel like their cereal brand, and one worth getting out of bed for! 

But teenagers are less responsive to cereal advertising, are difficult to reach at scale with traditional paid advertising. We needed to create an innovative plan that would drive teen adoption, with owned and earned plan at the heart, and a partner who would make the relationship work.


Working hand in hand with a great partner, we created ‘Krave Week’. Throughout this week, we would piggy-back the conversation around E4’s key programmes by asking questions about the programmes teen viewers were watching. Every night at 10pm the ‘Chocovault’ would open to reveal a new question, making Krave an integral part of the social TV conversation from 10-12pm. This enabled us to create large amounts of awareness, conversation and adoption.


In the run-up we seeded ‘Krave Week’ in Krave and E4’s social platforms, creating some initial conversation. But the buzz really took off the week before ‘Krave Week’, when we used all E4 media platforms to announce the competition. This wasn’t just about E4’s owned assets, but the endorsement of key talent – for example Jamie Lang from Made in Chelsea, who used his Facebook and Twitter feeds to promote the competition and get viewers to tune in. 

Then in ‘Krave Week’ itself, a unique spot in the first break after 10pm opened the ‘Chocovault’, revealing that night’s question and prompting viewers to input the correct answer on Facebook before the vault shut at midnight. Throughout the show, we used Twitter to drive live conversations. User data was captured in a Krave and E4 branded app, prompting re-engagement and sharing with social networks for anyone who had engaged.

w 80% reach of teens Made up of 24% broadcast reach and a massive incremental 56% reach via social
w 2.7M people reached through owned and earned channels.
& 300,000+ interactions Over 300,000 interactions, and an engagement rate double any previous campaign
E 6% increase Relevance with teens with a 6% increase in brand perception as ‘up-to-date and cool’.

Carat really understood our business challenges and pushed the boundaries of dual screening to do something really innovative between Digital and TV. The Carat team provided enthusiasm, bravery and specialist collaboration, producing a successful landmark in the marketing of the brand.

Laura Bryant European Marketing Manager, Kellogg's Krave
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