Gogglebox – Register to Vote


The Electoral Commission is tasked with encouraging people to register to vote. This year, people could register online. The Commission’s goal was lofty: more than double the number of new registrations seen in the last General Election in 2010 (400,000) to achieve a full 1 million new registrations.

w 2.5 million Registrants In 2015, more than 2.5 million registered (vs our target of 1m). This is a 6-fold increase.


We knew students and young people (aged 18 - 25) were amongst the least likely to be registered. When we came on board the bulk of the media campaign had already been booked. But together with Channel 4 we approached the client with an idea which focused around C4’s most popular programme for young adults – Gogglebox. Studio Lambert – the producers of the show – would film a special TV advert featuring the young people of Gogglebox talking to camera about the importance of voting. We believed this would resonate strongly with the 18 - 25 audience.



Channel 4 and Carat approached the client with the initial concept just four weeks before the start of the campaign. In order to get this over the line, all parties had to move quickly and collaboratively. Whilst Carat managed the client, Channel 4 had to manage Studio Lambert concurrently.


Conversations with the client focussed on how the campaign would reach two target audiences identified in the planning stage: the Incidental (“I don’t have time”) and the Disengaged (“it’s not for me”). We showed how popular Gogglebox and it’s stars were (Scarlett had nearly 200,000 Twitter followers) and how the spoke on a variety of subjects.


The client loved the idea but worried about the value this represented. We therefore had several rounds of negotiations with C4 to make sure the final deal delivered value for the client. Studio Lambert would produce two versions of the advert, C4 would give us additional TV value in another of their shows and the talent, the show and C4 would use owned media channels (primarily Twitter) to encourage sign up. All this was presented as a way to engage with young voters further. Channel 4 would also include the advert on their dedicated Election website.


The next stage was to get the advert filmed, edited and produced – all within a week! This was the first time that the Gogglebox “situation” was represented in a TV advert unscripted – the talent were briefed to deliver their thoughts to camera in their own manner and in their own words. This was also the first time they would tweet on behalf of an advertiser. This was produced by Studio Lambert (who had never produced a TV advert before) to maintain the continuity and authenticity of the show.

w 2.5 million Registrants In 2015, more than 2.5 million registered (vs our target of 1m). This is a 6-fold increase.
A 5,317 Peak traffic The impact of the Gogglebox ad was felt immediately. Website traffic jumped significantly in the minutes after the first transmission (during Gogglebox). At 21.13pm the web traffic was 482. When the advert went out web traffic jumped to 4,556 two minutes later eventually peaking at 5,317.
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