CCS, BARB & Facebook Fusion

2014 | London

Our Consumer Connections Survey is remarkably effective – an insight tool based on a survey of 11,000 people and their media habits. So how could we make it even better?

The solution - fusing our insight tool with BARB and Facebook data to allow our staff to seamlessly analyse, buy and report on CCS audiences with data from BARB and Facebook included; the first time this has been possible.

Aside from client and campaign results, this has demonstrated collaborative working extensively across the Dentsu Aegis Network in a truly experimental project.

Carat planners and buyers are now able to analyse and report against CCS defined audiences within the critical BARB software, TechEdge


CCS and advanced audience analysis is a key USP for Carat and the whole Dentsu Aegis Network with client and pitch teams frequently using our leading insight source, CCS, to inform their brand planning and media strategies.

However, when it came to trading, reporting and analysis against media industry and currency data we realised that there simply wasn’t an industry tool that could offer robust enough data, purely because the sources were not linked.

TV specifically in Great Britain is still traded against blunt demographic audiences (such as Housewife with Kids), meaning it was not possible to offer connected buying against our rich attitudinal target audiences for clients.

Similarly, whilst Facebook offers a multitude of targeting criteria available through PowerEditor, these are largely behavioural, and therefore do not allow us to target the rich attitudinal audiences originally created in CCS.


Our planners and clients badly needed a way to be able to identify their CCS defined audiences on the critical TV viewing panel, BARB, and with the hugely data-rich social network giant Facebook.

There simply wasn’t a way to do this - so we decided that we would take the matter into our own hands and create this opportunity for ourselves by fusing all three together.

By doing this we harnessed the power of two central insight sources and brought them together in one simple, and easily accessible place. This would allow to improve our ability to build effective strategies for clients and pitches, and help us deliver richer audience analysis, better reporting, better coverage and better results.

The system uses data that our planners are already familiar with and use on a day-to-day basis, and also data that is unique and proprietary to Carat and the whole Dentsu Aegis Network; something our competitors cannot offer.


For the BARB fusion, the Carat I&E, global CCS and Amplifi broadcast teams partnered with RSMB to deliver a statistical fusion to connect respondent level data from the CCS panel to the BARB panel.

Following this process, the collaborative Dentsu Aegis Network team then worked with software provider TechEdge to deliver data to Dentsu Aegis planners and buyers which was accurate, simple and easy to roll out across numerous teams.

For the Facebook fusion, we partnered with a third party data company, Acxiom, to deliver scale and accuracy against the original CCS audiences, which could then be pulled through to a Managed Custom Audience in Facebook for iProspect Paid Social team. Partnering with Acxiom meant that we could use its data and modelling expertise to build scale on the original CCS audience, ensuring revenue for paid social was still kept within the Dentsu Aegis Network P&L through iProspect. Amplifi brokered this deal to ensure the fusions would be cost neutral to the business.

We also partnered with Facebook and persuaded them to deliver Brand Lift polls by way of evaluating the campaign and target audience success.

Carat planners and buyers are now able to analyse and report against CCS defined audiences within the critical BARB software, TechEdge
Broadcast teams are seeing increases in coverage by adopting usage of client segmentations within BARB
Increases in ad recall and message association from our first campaign as a result of the Facebook fusion
Increases for the CCS audience from our first campaign compared to the original target
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