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The Carat Innovation Summit: Unleashing the Transformative Power of AI

August 8, 2023

The information contained herein is for general information only and relate to an area that is rapidly evolving and may not be up to date with the most recent changes in related laws and regulations.  It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon for any legal action or decision.  Please consult your legal counsel/department before taking any action related to this information.

Artificial Intelligence has been a polarizing topic and practice since the 1950’s, but more so recently as mind-blowing applications are unfolding right before our eyes. Within the past year, we’ve seen AI no longer be exclusively for the tech savvy, but anyone with an idea will have access to its power. As we enter a new era with AI, it’s critical for modern marketers to understand the potential impact it equally has on society, culture, and the industry.

On July 11th, 2023, the “Carat Innovation Summit: The Future with AI” brought together 300 brilliant minds across client, partner, and agency to explore impact, responsibility, and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence has on the advertising and media industry. Between the day's thought-provoking keynotes and panels from leading industry voices to hands on AI tool demos and immersive workshops, collaboration and collective responsibility emerged as crucial in harnessing its transformative capabilities. As we embrace AI, let's remember: Don't lose the human touch, but instead use AI as a tool to accelerate progress.

Collaboration and Collective Responsibility: Key Components for AI's Transformation

The significance of collaboration and collective responsibility are pivotal factors in harnessing AI’s transformative capabilities. The unprecedented adoption rate of AI technologies has resulted in future decision-makers becoming well-versed in AI as users, prompting them to think about how to shape new experiences with this technology while still meeting people where they are.

AI has enabled us to experience algorithms in a very human-like way, unleashing the power of Gen AI to personalize consumer experiences. The democratization of creativity has become evident, with AI acting as a catalyst, empowering individuals to unlock their imaginations and participate in the creative process. Marketers are now able to augment artistic and innovative endeavors, broadening the horizons of human expression and cultivating a more vibrant and inclusive creative landscape.

Unveiling New Frontiers of Inquiry: AI's Impact on Intellectual Exploration

AI's impact extends beyond providing answers; it serves as an outlet for intellectual exploration, encouraging us to ask questions that were previously unasked. At the Carat Innovation Summit, this transformative potential was exemplified through AI-powered search engines like Bing. Traditionally, search engines demanded users to speak the language of machines, but with large language models, a shift occurred, enabling a more human-like reasoning engine. This transformation fundamentally changed the user's search experience, making broad match strategies essential for adapting to conversational queries and delivering a more natural flow. Bing now fosters the joy of discovery, offering relevant suggestions and engaging in conversations like humans do, making the search process more intuitive and engaging for users. AI-powered Bing Chat's unique approach necessitates a reliance on broad match, revolutionizing the way search is perceived. These changes have led to longer queries, increased questioning, and a growing demand for recommendations.

Redefining Humanity's Trajectory: The Ethical and Equitable Deployment of AI

The rise of AI and its advancements, particularly with large language models and text-to-image capabilities, marks a significant moment for humanity. However, with its limitations in reasoning, the responsible use of AI becomes paramount, necessitating human stewardship to guide its applications.

Ethics and collaboration took center stage in creating inclusive and representative AI experiences. Actionability in media was discussed, where AI offers valuable insights, but human expertise remains crucial in understanding and optimizing results. While AI aids in predictions, human involvement is essential in contextualizing insights and crafting impactful responses for human interactions.

The four key ethical issues discussed were privacy, biases, transparency, and ownership/IP rights. Brands were encouraged to evaluate their AI systems' privacy handling and data protection compliance while actively mitigating biases to prevent discriminatory outcomes. Transparency in AI operations fosters trust with users and stakeholders.

Moreover, companies should strive to go beyond legal requirements, aiming to be more ethical, which can lead to better innovation. As technology advances, ongoing discussions on ethics will be necessary as regulations may vary across geographies and jurisdictions. By prioritizing ethics and responsible AI implementation, society can harness the potential of AI while safeguarding human interests and values.

The Carat POV

As AI becomes an integral part of our daily lives, it serves as a valuable tool to create new experiences and amplify human creativity. By adopting a responsible and inclusive approach to AI, Carat is effectively navigating the ever-evolving AI landscape, ensuring that it remains aligned with our core values and aspirations.

Dentsu’s unwavering commitment to fostering AI innovation for our clients is highlighted through significant advancements in GPU capabilities, data availability, transformative model architecture, and strategic investments in enterprise-grade AI to tackle challenges related to IP rights and bias, setting the stage for a more inclusive AI ecosystem. Leveraging AI-powered spaces like dentsuGPT and dentsuDALL-E, dentsu teams collaborate securely with industry leaders to empower our workforce with cutting-edge technology.

For more information on how dentsu is using AI to enhance our people’s potential, see recent news regarding our partnership leveraging AI with Microsoft & Google.

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