Carat UK's Journey as Finalists at the Effie Awards 2023

We are incredibly proud to announce that Carat UK have been named as finalists for not one but three prestigious Effie Worldwide UK Awards!

What are the Effie Awards?

The Effie Awards are renowned globally for recognising the most effective marketing campaigns in the industry. They celebrate strategic brilliance, creativity, and measurable results. The 2023 Effie Awards received more submissions from a broader sweep of entrants than any year to date. 

Carat UK's Remarkable Journey at the Effie 2023 Awards

Juliet Haygarth, Managing Director of Effie UK said: “With more entries than ever, and a particularly high standard of submissions, the judges did not have an easy time deciding on these shortlists. So, we extend our thanks to the whole panel for their hard work and offer our congratulations to every finalist for getting this far – it’s a real achievement.” Being named finalists is a true testament to the dedication, innovation, and success of the Carat UK teams, clients, and partner agencies.

It always feels good when markets around our Global Carat network succeed. It lifts us all up. So, a heartfelt congratulations also goes to Carat UK’s clients, The Kraft Heinz Company, Santander UK and Vodafone, for their well-deserved recognition. Their campaigns have captivated audiences, driven results, and left a lasting impression. We are honoured to partner with such visionary brands!

Lets look at the work. What are the cases that got to such an amazing place in the Effie 2023 ecosystem?  Read on to find out more about Carat UK’s Effie finalists:

Heinz Pasta Sauces

Heinz Pasta Sauces ‘Good things sometimes come late. Disrupting the pasta sauce category’ – New Product or Service Introduction or Line Extension Category

This innovative piece of work tackled the challenge of a stagnated category after COVID. Consumers were eating less at home, innovation was low, and retailers were sceptical. 

Heinz aimed to enter and disrupt this stagnation. By daring to admit their lateness to the pasta sauce category, Heinz leveraged their equity, inviting the nation to try their sauces. Hacking key events that people had been waiting for further propelled their message: good things take time. Capturing the attention of customers and consumers made this a truly successful piece of work.

Santander & The Fake Bank Campaign

Santander 'How a fake bank led to real results for Santander' - Sustained Success – Services

Santander entered the UK market as an innovative challenger, catapulting into the banking big leagues with blockbuster product. 

However, by early 2019 they were struggling with the perception of being boring and ordinary, talking to an audience who cared little about banking. To capture their attention and stay top of mind, Santander created a fictional rival bank, run by Britain’s most prestigious entertainers (and least competent bankers) Ant & Dec. Appropriately named ‘Antanddec’, they made a virtue of Santander’s simple, smart, and sensible solutions. Four years later, the campaign has driven impressive growth, and the bank’s declining fortunes have reversed.

Vodafone - Everyone Connected

Vodafone ‘Deleting the Digital Divide’ – Positive Change – Social Good: Brands

Vodafone recognised that the post-Covid world, almost completely reliant on digital connection, contains 1.5 million British households with no access to internet. These families don’t just miss out on the little things, it impacts their very life chances. Responding to this inequality, Vodafone started a nationwide campaign to educate the country that digital connection was a life essential and inspire the public to act. 

Through partnerships, activations and even re-boxing a public holiday, we connected over 1.4 million people, smashing our KPIs and turbo-charging brand consideration in the process.

All three categories are hotly contested this year, reflecting the growing importance of positive social change, long-term investment, and future-facing innovation to drive growth.

Being shortlisted for all three of these awards would not have been possible without the tireless efforts, creativity, and strategic thinking of everyone involved.

We wish Carat UK the best of luck as we eagerly await the Effie UK Awards ceremony on 9 November.

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