The #adidas realtime #worldcup


The #adidas realtime #worldcup: the first integrated reactive brand campaign in social, digital and out of home media. No other brand has managed to translate up to date FIFA World Cup results quicker into mass communication, and no other brand than adidas was more talked about during the tournament.

w 70% Increase in Share of Voice adidas was the "most talked about brand" in the 2014 World Cup.


The World Cup was an incredible opportunity for adidas and a massive challenge at the same time. It was key that its communications were not drowned out in a sea of clutter. With this background in mind, the brief from adidas was truly sportsmanlike: "Become the most talked about brand of the FIFA World Cup!"


The channel selection was not crafted as usual through consumer definition and insight criteria, but above all through “immediacy” of touchpoints: Mobile instead of Desktop; Digital OOH in favour of Print; and Social over TV.


The use of OOH in particular allowed us to communicate the World Cup in real time. Digital screens and projections positioned in areas where fans celebrated after the matches represented the perfect opportunity for adidas to connect communications directly to match results. We were able to get reactive digital content live on selected outdoor screens and projections in a record time of just 15 minutes, which in itself created buzz.

The start of the campaign was focused heavily on social currency. Instead of starting communications very early, like all other official sponsor brands did, we waited until the UEFA Champions League final and started our activity only 18 days before the World Cup began. This was the most appropriate way to truly live and breathe the realtime mantra.

Our strongest ally was the German football team. The fact that interest in the FIFA World Cup was a record high up until the final certainly helped all sponsors. But only through a consistent realtime content approach, did adidas manage to become, “the most talked about brand”.


w 70% Increase in Share of Voice adidas was the "most talked about brand" in the 2014 World Cup.
F 14.8% Growth in Facebook Likes
) 1.59 million More mentions
$ 2 billion euro Record turnover
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