The Maker's Movement

2017 | New Zealand

There is still a stigma attached to retirement villages in New Zealand.  They are often perceived as an insular environment and somewhere for people to quietly live out their twilight years.

This perception is simply not true.  Despite the fact a life altering event is likely to lead a person into a village environment, residents are still vibrant, sharp of mind and fiercely independent.

As an industry leader, Metlifecare are committed to providing a service where residents can learn new skills, experience new challenges and make the most of what each day has to offer.

A content partnership with NZME provided an ideal platform to profile a handful of residents who make Metlifecare villages unique.



We want Metlifecare to be known as a quality provider where people still have control of their lives.  We need to clearly define who we are, what we stand for and why we are uniquely better.  

For this Metlifecare created a distinctive, ownable brand platform, creating desirability and preference for their villages.


Empowerment. Freedom. Individuality.

Our challenge was to bring this concept to life through inspired content pieces and a sustained partnership with a broadcast media partner.  We planned to leverage the creative and audience insights brought by a media partner and build out the existing themes the client had previously developed internally.  The key with this approach was to remain authentic to the More To Come proposition while continuing to raise the bar as the leading service provider in the industry.




The Retirement Living category in NZ is extremely competitive with a small handful of providers making up 50% of the market.  The remaining half is comprised of approximately 150 independent operations.   As with any cluttered and competitive market, Metlifecare needed a proposition which would set them apart from their nearest competitors.

The new generation of retirees are not ready to move into their perception of retirement village life. The initial thought of villages is an end of freedom and independence, and being cut off from the community they love

Metlifecare residents regularly say moving into a village actually gave them a new lease of life and that they’ve never been busier. They encourage people to look at village life as a viable option in later life, or something to consider for ageing parents. Understanding the emotive needs of customers provide valuable insights, including that no one wanted to think it was ‘the end of the road’ or ‘God’s waiting room’, no matter how old they are.




Understanding the emotive needs of the residents was the launching pad for our partnership with NZME and directly contributed to the development of our brand pillars;






We utilized NZME's production capability and talent to create highly emotive video content which was ultimately amplified through their digital media channels.

Each of these six video told the story of The Makers Movement.  Fronted by Sam Wallace, the videos put the spotlight on a resident with a unique passion and talent, from boat building to cooking; carpentry to dress making.

These videos set Metlifecare apart from the competition who continue to highlight the various functional services their villages provide.  Instead, they demonstrate how the village simply provides an environment to facilitate the ongoing enjoyment and fulfillment of a residents passion.

"The videos really tell the story – that there is more to come at our villages – but in a way that is entertaining and inspiring. The market responded very positively to them, with the first videos viewed almost half a million times already, and our residents absolutely loved being part of it"

Blanka Ros GM of Marketing
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