Holden Spark Sessions

2016 | New Zealand

Marketing to a millennial audience is a tough task, and for a car brand? Near impossible.

We were faced with two key obstacles to overcome…

  1. An audience who was not in the market to buy new cars
  2. And an audience that goes out of their way to avoid advertising
E 141% increase in under 35 year-old visitors to holden.co.nz/spark


As one of Holden’s key target, millennials are notoriously difficult but an important audience to reach. Particularly as a group that aren’t even in the market for a new car in the first place.

The brief was then to reach our kiwi millennial audience in order to engage with them in a meaningful way, and ultimately convert them


We drew two key insights on our audience through in-house research:

  1. Connectivity is essential for Millennials
  2. And streaming apps deliver the soundtrack to their lives

Out of this our strategy was formed: To position the Holden Spark as the ultimate tool for the connected driver


To bring our strategy to life, we came up with the unique idea of the ‘Holden Spark Sessions.’

We partnered with Pandora, and used their real-time data on the listening habits of kiwi millennials to identify three emerging kiwi acts that were on the verge of “breaking out” – Bailey Wiley, TIMES x TWO, and Estère. 

We put them in a Holden Spark with George FM’s Gracie Taylor to interview them – and through a series of short videos, we learned about their music, inspiration and aspirations. The Holden Spark’s connected technology was able to play the artists’ tracks through the integrated Pandora app on MyLink, along with showcasing other car features.

The content was then served as a suite of energising, snack-able edits all over the web via online video platforms, Facebook and Instagram. This all drove to the “Holden Spark Sessions” website where they could immerse themselves in the full interviews with the artists along with in-depth information about the Holden Spark. We also developed a bespoke Pandora station, Holden Spark Sessions, of emerging and popular artists and tracks aimed at our millennial audience.


E 141% increase in under 35 year-old visitors to holden.co.nz/spark
w 30% of Spark buyers were under 30 years old, up from 3.8% pre-campaign
U In June and July, Holden Spark took out number one position in total sales in the private micro car category, beating the stronghold market leader
$ ROI - 155% based on gross profit 700% based on sales revenue
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