Dream Factory

2014 | New Zealand

Kiwis are proud of locally produced brands. We support New Zealand (NZ) made.

Whittaker’s is a NZ owned and made confectionery brand specialising in Chocolate. Their headquarters are based in Porirua, a little local NZ town. 

Kiwis had always believed Cadbury was NZ-made, until it moved chocolateproduction offshore.  Combined with a ‘palm oil’ PR crisis, and an increasingly strong local competitor (Whittaker’s), Cadbury’s market share and brand love was plummeting.

The key to a turnaround was rekindling kiwi’s love for Cadbury.

w CDF was noticed! 78% awareness with over 30% earned media generated


Kiwis are proud of locally produced brands.  We passionately support New Zealand (NZ) made.

Cadbury’s biggest competitor Whittaker’s chocolate is NZ owned and made. They’ve been in NZ for over 100 years and were relatively quiet and inactive. Whittaker’s were a sleeping giant…

Cadbury chocolate was made in New Zealand.  Kiwis even believed that Cadbury was a NZ brand! Until Cadbury’s chocolate production moved offshore and the taste profile changed. Our reputation for being kiwi vanished!

Soon after, we faced negative backlash around ‘palm oil’ – it was a PR crisis.  Consumers were furious and brand love was on a downward spiral.

While all this was going on, the sleeping giant Whittaker’s had awoken. They improved their taste profile, increased their range and upped their investment in brand building advertising. They were even taking direct punts at Cadbury!

It happened right before our eyes and over the space of 2 years, we were in our worst position ever. Cadbury’s market share, sales and brand love had plummeted.

Our goal? Halt the decline by rekindling kiwi’s love for the Cadbury brand.


Cadbury’s global brand mission is to bring Joy into people’s lives. 

To rekindle brand love amongst kiwis we needed to leverage this great positioning.  But how?

The campaign needed to connect with ALL New Zealanders; we wanted an insight that was all encompassing.

Kiwis love brands that are active and generous in the community.

Leveraging this insight, our strategy was to make Cadbury a positive contributor in the lives of New Zealanders, and amongst NZ communities. We would bring joy into New Zealanders lives in community-centric and local way.

We wanted Cadbury to play a positive role in transforming kiwi’s lives and improving NZ communities.

So we created a long-term platform called Cadbury Dream Factory; Cadbury would bring joy into NZ communities by making dreams come true.


Collaborating with TV network MediaWorks, we asked New Zealanders to tell us their dreams. The call to action was big - we used TV, radio and online and received over 15,000 dreams!

Then we answered these dreams.

First, we created a series of community activations to bring local dreams to life. The activations were amplified through radio and social media – this was shared by thousands of kiwis.

Then we created a bespoke Television show called ‘Cadbury Dream Factory’ that showcased Cadbury granting New Zealanders dreams. 

The dreams included weddings, a marriage proposal in Paris, making a giant chocolate fish, reuniting a family who had been apart for 7 years, building a giant fort and more… every week we told a new story, we had viewers engrossed and more often in tears (happy tears).

Cadbury Dream Factory was broadcast as 8 x 1-hour episodes on TV3 (major TV network) in the peak timeslot of 1930 Thursdays.

We amplified the TV show OnDemand, online, in social media and on radio.

Then, to top it all off we activated a promotion that gave viewers the chance to become official Cadbury Chocolate tasters – everyone’s dream!

w CDF was noticed! 78% awareness with over 30% earned media generated
G Cadbury’s community reputation improved considerably Helping improve the lives of New Zealanders’ score tripled and ‘Gives back to the NZ community’ score doubled
v Perception Change Amongst Viewers 47% were more likely to buy Cadbury in future and 67% said it had a positive affect on their opinion of Cadbury
O Healthier Brand Love ‘Cadbury is a brand I love’ improved by 30%
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