60 Years Loyal

2014 | New Zealand

In December 2013 Holden announced that it would cease vehicle production in Australia in 2017.

Unfortunately in both Australia and NZ, the misconception was that manufacturing vehicles outside of Australia meant the end of the road for Holden altogether.

In the automotive category trust, reliability, and loyalty are crucial for success. And given it was also Holden’s 60 year anniversary the timing couldn’t have been worse!

v Over 70,000 Unique Page Views From Loyal Holden Fans


When people buy a new car, they want to know that the company that sold it to them is going to be around in the future!

Our challenge was to demonstrate that Holden was here for the long haul, and reassure New Zealanders that they could still trust Holden.


When the announcement to close manufacturing was made, consumers turned to social media to voice their opinion.This came in both positive and negative forms.

The staff and shareholders might be the brand owners, but our fans were the brand guardians. But we realised this commentary was driven by a deep and genuine passion for the brand.

Our opportunity was to harness our fans’ passion in a positive way; to leverage their voices to restore trust in Holden amongst Kiwis.

Lovers of Holden come from all walks of life.  Each with unique stories of how Holden had played a role in their lives. From long road trips in the Kingswood, to scratching the Barina at the beach, to getting an Uncle’s Torana stuck in a ditch…

Our idea; to leverage the 60 year anniversary of Holden by capturing and celebrating Holden stories from our loyal fans and turning these stories into powerful branded content.

This gave us a reason to talk about the history of the company, while clearly communicating that Holden was going to be around for a lot longer.


We filmed six ‘decade’ stories – short films from real Holden fans telling their Holden story through the decades.

These videos were released across TV, online video and Holden’s Facebook and YouTube pages and housed on a microsite to allow for audience commentary and participation.

The six-decade stories were a call to action amongst our fans asking them to share their own stories and memories of Holden vehicles.We asked entrants to upload a video or written submission of their story to our microsite.

And as a reward, we put up the ultimate money can’t buy prize for any Holden fan… a 1967 Holden Monaro, which we fully restored from scratch.Enlisting brand ambassador Greg Murphy to host, we produced eight video diaries that followed the restoration journey from start to finish.

The campaign was a huge success; we restored faith amongst our fans and achieved our brand KPI's!

v Over 70,000 Unique Page Views From Loyal Holden Fans
E A 10% Lift Across Key Brand Measures
g One Lucky Holden Fan Drove Away With Fully Restored Monaro!
w Massive Postive Sentiment amongst Holden Fans Across Social Media
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