At Carat, we believe that taking our social and environmental responsibility seriously will help us redefine media. This is because in today’s world our clients, our people and consumers alike are motivated by concerns beyond a narrow economic one. In New Zealand we recognise that we have social and environmental responsibilities to give a little back. One Day for Change, we dedicate a day from work to volunteer and support a charity in the local communities we work in.

Future Proof 

The vision for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme Future Proof is therefore not only to become a more responsible business, but also to inspire positive action by everyone we come into contact with and together redefine the value of media.  

Launched in 2010, Future Proof includes some ambitious targets. By the end of 2015 we aim to:

  • reduce our carbon footprint per person by 20%;
  • increase our community investment to 1% of our people’s time.

We have been making great progress and you can find out more information on our CSR performance in our Future Proof Reports on our website.

Our approach

As a result of our diverse and international network, we approach CSR locally in Carat. We have no global only local charity partnership, responding to locally felt issues and needs.

We have a worldwide network of passionate CSR Champions who help build, implement and celebrate these partnerships, as well as work with our functional colleagues to embed CSR considerations in the way we run Carat.





Redefining Media.