Screenforce Day 2018


Didn't get an invite or couldn't make it to Screenforce Day 2018 yourself? Don't worry, our colleague Julia has got it all covered! She attended Screenforce Day 2018 with a few of our colleagues and she will give you the key take-outs of this interesting day at Theater Amsterdam below.

"Tuesday 9th of October I attended Screenforce Day 2018 together with some of my colleagues from Carat. I just love expanding my vision and knowledge about our field of expertise. During this event national and international speakers gave their vision about the future of TV, Online Video and marketing. We got to listen to Mark Ritson who quoted the theory of Peter Field and Les Binet: “Brands should spend around 60% of their budget on brand-building and 40% on activation for maximum effectiveness” which eventually will not only lead to short time success but will also lead to long term success. An important conclusion is that you will always generate a higher reach when you combine different media types, compared to when you just focus on one media type. When regarding media performance, TV is number one of TV reigns supreme." 

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