As our lives as consumers become increasingly busier, we have less time to passively watch linear television. Therefore, we choose a video platform that allows us to take control.

Video on Demand

Take control of what we watch

Take control of where we watch it

Take control of what device we watch on


With this digital freedom, VOD has gained popularity in recent years.

Growing up, I remember the days when VOD was just becoming popular and you could barely watch a programme without the ad frustratingly taking ten minutes to buffer.

Whereas, thanks to wider availability of high speed internet broadband, we now see a different story. The capabilities behind Video On Demand is extremely impressive and can be used to effectively build better TV campaigns through digital amplification.   

Dentsu Aegis Newcastle uses ALL4 and ITVHUB across many clients to extend total reach in campaigns and hit key audience segments that fall in the category of ‘not really watching broadcast TV anymore’.

It’s obvious to see why so many brands want to get involved with VOD. As users are more likely to be young and affluent than the average UK adult, it’s a desirable advertising space.

As an example, both ALL4 and ITVHUB have strayed away from traditional video advertisement, knowing that engaging and interactive content will grasp consumers attention. On their platform, you can now use Interactive VOD (IVOD), which can promote an advertisers message as a game or social interaction and can be targeted to specific audiences with interests that meet brand relevancy.

VOD is ever changing and quickly growing in user popularity, so it’s definitely a platform to keep an eye on, both for future prospects and new innovative advertising solutions.


If you have any questions about video on demand and our other services, please get in touch at newcastle@carat.com

Video on Demand
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