At the launch party of the new partnership, Views Carat announced the Kuwaiti results from the country’s first single-source study of 2500 face to face interviews

CCS Data Insights Kuwait

Data highlights:

  • TV has a major role generating word of mouth marketing and integrating with digital communications; 37% of Kuwaiti consumers start conversations about TV programs they are watching online.
  • 70% of consumers in Kuwait said they would click on an online ad if it looks interesting.
  • 54% of Kuwait consumers believe advertisements on their favorite websites are relevant to them.
  • 68% of Kuwait consumers would use mobile phone while watching TV. While 47% would use mobile phone to comment on social media about something they are watching on TV.
  • 36% of Kuwait consumers mention they would regularly post a comment on social networking about something they are watching. While 30% said they occasionally do.

Kuwait City, 14 December 2015: ViewsCarat today announced the Kuwaiti results of it globally renowned Consumer Connection System (CCS); the world’s leading research, insight and planning tool which uncovers consumer attitudes towards the most important media channels and how those same consumers will engage and use any touch point that can influence buying behaviour.

In doing so, Views Carat, who announced their new partnership in August of this year, has gained an unrivalled level of insight that moves beyond understanding media consumption.

It is no surprise that social networking sites are an important digital touchpoint, but CCS highlights the need to have a social-engagement strategy that is integrated and geared towards generating earned media.  71% of Kuwait consumers believe their online identity is an important part of who they are, revealing just how important it is for brands to have a strong social presence that allows them to interact with their fans and followers.

The figures revealed that over 57% of Kuwaiti consumers are likely to search for more information about a brand or product on the internet as a direct result of watching their TV advertisement, while 31% of consumers regularly use hashtags that they have just seen on TV. 

Despite the ever growing importance of digital, traditional media still plays a vital role along the path to purchase. Insights into the Out Of Home revealed that 63% of consumers highlighted that they notice what is being advertised on posters they regularly pass by. Radio had a slightly lower affinity among consumers with only 34% highlighting that radio reminds them of brands they might need to use.

This is the first time CCS data has been available for the Kuwaiti market.

Karim Bitar, CEO of Views Carat said: “We are extremely excited to launch CCS to the Kuwaiti market, which will only improve our local knowledge and ability to provide unrivalled client servicing. With this level of information, Views Carat can introduce greater precision to our communications planning and make sure we deliver the most effective campaigns for our clients.”

Martin Boot, General Manager of Carat Qatar and Kuwait added:  “Our new offering will allow us to assist our existing and potential clients in obtaining truly cost efficient advertising that gives them the greatest return on investment. CCS will uncover nationally-representative insights which are not widely available in this market which will prove invaluable to brands who wish to instantly understand the Kuwaiti consumer”.

The results were announced at the Views Carat launch event on 13 December 2015 in Kuwait City.  

CCS Data Insights Kuwait
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