Working with Google Preferred and OpenSlate, a regional first, Carat ensures Cadillac content is always shown in the most relevant and elevated environments

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Cadillac approached Carat to increase awareness of CT6, CTS and XT5 with a multiple video asset brand campaign to be employed across elevated receptive fashion, music and technology content. The Carat Cadillac team needed to ensure this campaign would only appear across the highest quality YouTube channels. Through a dual approach of utilizing Google Preferred Line Ups and working closely with OpenSlate they were able to provide this guarantee.

The campaign dubbed, “Why” tapped into the most popular automotive, fashion, music and technology YouTube environments offered by Google Preferred for UAE and Saudi Arabia.  This was complemented further by utilising OpenSlate premium custom segments for markets not covered by Google Preferred (Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait).

These custom segments were activated via Dentsu Aegis’ programmatic arm, Amnet.  This approach ensured an additional brand safety layer in addition to the Cadillac videos only appearing across relevant channels with higher preference scores, correlating more positively with ad recall and brand awareness. 

By working together with Google and OpenSlate, a Certified YouTube Measurement Program Partner, Carat was able to identify, target and measure the high-quality YouTube content that was most relevant to the campaign’s specific messaging on fashion, music and technology.

Mark J. Brown, Head of Digital and Data for Carat MENA said, "A key challenge both advertisers and their agencies face is the limited control over what content advertising appears against. Working with OpenSlate for the first time in the region ensured that we could guarantee the same brand safe and popular advertising environments offered by Google Preferred in the UAE and Saudi Arabia across the rest of the region. It is great to see that the technology and data is now there to enable us to remove any concerns of inappropriate content and assure our clients that they are advertising across high quality YouTube channels at scale.”

Nadim Ghrayeb, Regional Marketing Manager at Cadillac, said: “It’s important for every brand to place messages in the correct environment whilst being protected from unsafe, inappropriate or incompatible content. We have worked with Carat continuously to achieve our goals, and we are proud to be the first brand to activate OpenSlate data regionally. As the Middle East continues to grow in the digital space it is crucial that agencies, publishers and brands work to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place.”

Work Carat Cadillac YouTube OpenSlate
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