Our Vision

“We understand better than most how convergence is transforming the media landscape and creating a more direct link between media and business performance”

More and more, media convergence is bringing the point of engagement and the point of transaction closer together, increasing media’s contribution in delivering profitable business growth.

Our role is to be the client partner who continually challenges the status quo; who seeks to reinvent legacy models; who looks to do things differently and to do them better through media.

We redefine accepted models in the way we collaborate with clients, colleagues and external partners, to help innovate the way our clients’ brands are built.

Our history as the largest independent global media agency means that we have never been tied to the conventions of traditional advertising agencies, affording us a level of agility and independent thinking in responding to consumers’ rapidly evolving behaviours.

Carat’s mission is simple: to redefine the value of media through our command of convergence

We are well-positioned to combine strategy with expert specialist execution to deliver integrated solutions for our clients. This could be brand-building content, reflective of culture and delivered by media ecosystems; or it could be data-enabled, performance-oriented executions, delivered programmatically and optimised by sales-based modelling. 

Carat is the fastest-growing global media agency, consistently ranked #1 by RECMA within their Qualitative Agency Evaluation of 44 local markets. We partner with clients in more than 150 countries, with a talented staff of more than 6,000.

Our network attracts media professionals who are brave, who want to challenge what has gone before, people who want to be the catalysts for change for our clients.

Redefining Media.