Simply Be #wearecurves

2017 | Manchester

Simply Be have innovated the way they engage with consumers. By redefining their marketing approach to become digital-first, the planning and activation process represented true client and cross-agency collaboration; an inspirational move from a traditional client to push boundaries and disrupt their category and reaching audiences through media in new and innovative ways.

E 73% Increase in traffic to site


For many years, Simply Be was a traditional plus-size mail order retailer. Experts in fashion that fits and flatters, it provided plus-sized women with a reliable source of well-fitting clothes. As Simply Be upped its game in terms of product, becoming more appealing and fashionable, challenges lay on the horizon.

This is a lucrative market: Despite the perception that the media drives, the average female in the UK is a size 16. This opportunity was not lost on a number of competitor brands who adapted to changes in consumer need and expectation, and moved in and brought with them a freshness in Communications and Experience that Simply Be would struggle to compete with.


What Simply Be understood from years of serving this audience was that no other brand was truly for them, the average sized UK woman. Nobody else spoke for them, gave them a voice, or understood them in terms of fashion.

Most retailers who launched plus size ranges lacked the depth of understanding on product fit that Simply Be had acquired, whilst Simply Be’s own research detailed that the category scored low in terms of Help, Expertise, or Understanding of size 16+ women.

This all coincided with greater resonance of ‘plus-size’ models, culturally: The likes of Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday becoming some of the top-earning models worldwide.

Reflecting on this, #wearecurves was born. Placing customers at the heart of their comms, Simply Be were on a mission to give a voice to averagely-sized and plus-sized UK women. 

To achieve this, it was necessary to maximise reach and engagement, whilst harnessing the device the audience now used to entertain, inform and shop: their mobile.


First, we made #wearecurves famous. Launching in the X Factor and planned alongside programmatically driven Social, Video, Display, and DOOH - it was impossible to miss this launch. Bespoke video edits were created with Facebook and Youtube, which lead users into a journey of sequential messages, all aimed at landing #wearecurves fast. Mobile harnessed engagement – with Shazam, 100% mobile Social and geo-targeting linked to DOOH giving us an instant presence in pockets.

Next, we built wider credibility, driving participation at scale through integrated and mobile first initiatives. Three rival publishers pooled their Influencer resource, creating integrated content for #wearecurves; we distributed brand content within bespoke Mobile formats with Admaxim and Spotify, and targeted the TOWIE audience via ITVbe, generating UGC that we fed back into our content distribution.

Finally, performance betas across Google and Facebook successfully built proof of concept on brand new creative formats and lead to case studies being produced with both partners.

E 73% Increase in traffic to site
l 14,000 Social Media Impact We received almost 14,000 Facebook reactions
Q 32% YOY new customers who bought into the brand
Campaign Media Awards: fashion and beauty

Campaign Media Awards: fashion and beauty


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